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Pocket Notebook Seles

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Regardless of how great your memory is, it's always a good idea to write down notes for remembering them later, whether you're a mechanic, artist, or barista. Notes can spark a revolutionary concept, they can surface feelings and emotions, and they inspire creativity and productive behaviour.

Our Pocket Notepad Seles feature the perfect size to fit them snugly in your pocket without getting frustrating or in the way of your daily routine. When there's something you need to remember for later, such as a list of groceries, a new movie you want to watch, or a recommended book to read, the pocket notepad will be there waiting to capture your cherished notes. The sturdy hardcover serves as an ideal way for you to write with ultimate stability; there's no need for a table to write on with this design! Your notes will come out clear and neat for you to go over in the future.

The potential for the pocket size notepads doesn't end there. With our fully personalizable option, you can clearly advertise your product, brand, or service in the most unique, practical way possible!

What is the printing method?
For the Pocket Notepads, we can use either silk screen printing for single colours or full colour printing for a colorful cover design.

What are the exact dimensions of this promotional pocket notepad?
This product is 140mm tall and 90mm wide, the perfect pocket fit! You can take it with you anywhere all day long, and due to its size, it won't feel like a bother at all.

Are there plenty of sheets inside this pocket notepad?
There are precisely 80 plain sheets of paper within this notepad.

Can I get these notepads in different colours?
Yes, you can. We offer 11 colour styles for the pocket notepad; you can mix and match them within one order if you'd like to.

Will the Pocket Notepad Seles break easily?
Not at all! The pocket notepads are constructed with fine imitation leather and have a strong hardcover for extra stability with writing.

I have a lot of colours in my design. Is that okay?
Certainly. With the pocket notepads, we print in full colour, so you can go wild with your designs and logos!

What is the band for?
The band attached to these notepads is so you can secure it closed when you aren't using it. This keeps the pages clean and prevents them from ripping or bending undesirably.

Product Dimensions 90 x 140 mm
Item Weight POA

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