Hard drives as promotional products

Promote your business big with a branded external hard drive

Technology makes its way through corporate gifts. We have reached the point where innovation and originality have to be maximum in order to stand out from the competition and create the greatest possible effect among customers. If we put it that way, who can take on a personalizable hard drive as a business gift?

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Personalizable external hard drives with your logo printed on them

I still remember when I delivered my first working memory in folio format and written with an Olivetti typewriter. For many millennials, this may sound like Chinese or Pleistocene, in equal parts. But I can assure you that these machines existed and it is still likely that some of them will continue to do their job.

Today the technological world in which we live drags us into its wave and everything has a much more immediate effect. We are inundated with electronic devices and all kinds of modern gadgets that we work with. No one would think of giving an Olivetti as a promotional gift today, would they?

A high-level executive gift for your best customers

No, personalisable hard drives are certainly much better now. A high-end, high-value corporate gift to entertain customers, partners, etc. Really, it is a very practical and original technological complement that can be given especially in events of computer science type, technological conventions, talks, seminars, courses, etc.

These advertising hard disks offer a full-colour personalization, to one or two sides, to print the logo or the image of the brand with greater quality. A full color print that is perfect for different marketing campaigns, promotional gifts, executive gifts and much more.

You'll be able to use them perfectly at home, in the office or on the road. In addition, they take up very little space, so they can be easily carried in your bag, suitcase and, if necessary, even in your pocket. And don't think that being a promotional external hard drive is of lower quality, quite the opposite. They have a high speed and durability and have up to one year warranty.

Practical and personalisable external hard drives

The technological universe in which we find ourselves has meant that we can no longer live without some of the devices that surround us. Until just a few years ago they made our work and our day-to-day life more comfortable. However, now they have taken power and we do not conceive many jobs and much of our leisure time without being connected to the Internet and its entire environment.

Just like that, how many things you can do with a branded hard drive, the amount of data and things you can put in there! Photos, videos, series, films, notes, work projects, presentations, reports... Yes, and even that working memory you had to do with a typewriter.

A promotional hard drive is therefore a very practical corporate gift that will give your brand a detail of quality and great value. A way to be more original than the rest and avoid the classic promotional merchandise. Join the technological wave in terms of promotional gifts!

With all this range of possible uses, their technical characteristics, manufacturing quality, purchase guarantees and the wonderful printing options they have, external hard drives become an unparalleled promotional gift that deserves the investment of your marketing budget and deserves a very positive evaluation from us, from you and from the person who receives it as a gift or tool. You will succeed with a corporate giveaway as powerful as this one that can be given in fairs and conferences, to VIP customers to reward their loyalty and give them the relevance they have for you and as a tool for internal use revaluing the brand image for those who make up your teams.

Although we refer to them as hard disks in a generic way, we should actually say storage units and from there make the distinction between hard disks, which are the HDDs, and solid state disks, which are the SSDs. First came the HDDs and later the SSDs showed us that transferring and storing information could be done at lightning speed. The latter were a revolution in computing.

Here are some ideas to help you choose hard disks as a promotional item for your brand or as internal merchandising:

The external drive as backup storage. If you don't trust the cloud, this alternative option is the right one if you don't trust the cloud. Archiving digital data if you're running out of space on your desktop or laptop - just pass on the photos you've been storing for years! To take your gaming anywhere, to share or transfer data to other people in your network, as a scratch disk because some graphics editing programs, such as Photoshop, need to store data only temporarily, as a back up server to help you recover lost data, to export iTunes-type libraries and take your thousands of songs anywhere you want.

These models you see in the Hard Drives as Promotional Products section are all personalizable in full color and all over the surface; that is, you can make a special design, if you want, that can be applied to each of the four sides of the device. Otherwise, you can choose to print your logo simply in one color or with all the colors it has.

The hard drives we have in our catalogue are high quality products and are guaranteed from 1 to 3 years depending on the model. For additional questions about the coverage of the device, we will be happy to help you. Therefore, with all this range of possible uses, their technical characteristics, manufacturing quality, purchase guarantees and the wonderful printing options they have, external hard drives become an unparalleled promotional product that is worth the investment of your marketing budget.

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