Branded USB sticks

Personalized flash drives, so that your brand remains close in their minds

Branded USB sticks are one of the preferred promotional gifts for companies and clients. Leave a good memory to your clients with this modern and useful company gift. Request an estimate for the ones you most like.

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Personalized USB sticks, so that your label remains close in their minds

I am writing about USB sticks and, as the inquisitive mind that I am, I have first read up on it. Read more about this little device. I was surprised that USB is the acronym for Universal Serial Bus. What does this specifically mean? I don’t know. You must continue purposefully reading more and I will tell you in the future.

I have also learned USB sticks, USB, flash drive, pen-drive, pen drive, memory stick, etc., came into existence 21 years ago (universal coming of age). I would swear I have not been using them or selling them for that long or maybe my memory is failing me. Hahahahaha. But there they were unseating the beloved diskette, becoming the kings of data transport.

USB sticks are characterized by being resistant, very scratch, dust and even water resistant. In addition to this resistance, its small size which can be accompanied by great capacity and along with its chameleon like design, makes the USB stick an exceptional and valued personalized gift.

The branded USB sticks, are low cost for you, a guarantee of success for your label and a very great gift for the one who receives it. They are an excellent way to invest in branding, specially if you want your clients to relate your label with a high-value product.

The technological items, gadgets, are nowadays the most desired objects. Although depending on the point of view, the USB stick may be seen as an office supply.

USB sticks personalized with your logo

Gifting promotional USB sticks is one of the best ways of showing your clients that you value them and you care enough to give them something prized and profitable, instead of only wanting to sell them your products. We also want to begin by getting you on the right track. Offering a 1Gb, 2Gb and even 4Gb USB stick nowadays is wasting your budget. These capacities are so small that they make USB flash drives lose their value; there is always time to throw away your money or lose face with your clients and we try to make you avoid this.

The USB flash drives meet expectations as of 8Gb storage capacity. Request more information from us in this respect. We can provide you with USB memory sticks of all capacities, colors, shapes, personalization options so that you hit the nail on the head.

Personalized USB sticks will help you stand out from the rest of companies which give traditional corporate gifts. Facing hundreds of companies bombarding the same target audience as you, you need promotional products which are original, practical and beneficial not only in price. Your label. Your brand image.

Why gift promotional USB memory sticks?

We live in a continuous transfer of information: written documents, graphic files. We work in offices, cafés, libraries and at home. It drives us crazy to be out of battery power or storage space.

Therein lies the great success of gifting customized USB sticks, as your client or potential client will use it for multiple tasks and for a long time; allowing the exposure of your label in places you have never imagined. We mentioned before that memory sticks are resistant, hence their durability, which added to their storage capacity and transmission speed since the emergence of the USB 3.0, make them a very useful device and not at all obtrusive, as you can carry them in your trouser pocket.

Memory sticks have a considerable printing area. This area allows personalizing it with your logo and makes it a perfect promotional merchandise. Simply perfect.

Types of branded USB sticks

In RegaloEmpresas we got down to task to create multiple types of pen drives so that your merchandising will be increasingly original.

We have a lot of models: metallic USB stick, eco-friendly USB stick, USB OTG (OnTheGo), USB sticks Twister, pens with USB drives, branded credit card style USB sticks, shaped flash drives (watch, truck, cupcake, perfume, mobile…).

From the most traditional and elegant, to the most extravagant and innovative, it all depends on the niche you want to target and the message you want to send.

Buying USB flash drives personalized with my logo

Buying USB flash drives personalized with your logo is cheaper than you may believe. Do you want to acquire a USB memory stick with your logo? Check with us so that we will give you the ideas you need and the budget which will best suit you.