Branded USB Sticks and Hard Drives

Activate your promotions with USB Sticks and external hard drives

Advertising and promotional gifts also have a place in the digital and technological world in which we move. Items such as USB sticks and hard disks have become for some years excellent advertising media to insert any image or brand

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USB sticks and external hard disks to promote your brand

USB sticks and external hard drives are the most widely used memory gadgets today. Both are based on the same technology, although there are slight differences in their performance and characteristics. However, they are still, as we have just said, the most used memory elements.

It is for this reason that they represent a promorional product of great interest. They have become very fashionable at trade fairs, conferences, seminars, meetings and events of all kinds.

Giveaway products with an original design

In addition to their practical character, if there is anything that attracts the attention of these promotional items is their original design. The different types of USB Sticks and hard drives that we can find make them very attractive to customers.

There are, for example, USB sticks in the form of a key as a promotional product for the company. An item that can be personalised by marking it with the company logo or image on one side or both. This branded USB stick can be easily carried on the keychain without drawing too much attention.

The promotional external hard drives also have a modern and original design, to the point of being able to be personalized by direct printing in full color and any shape or size on 1 or 2 sides.

Both USB sticks and promotional hard disks have to take into account the capacity and some of the extras that can carry, see a specific individual presentation or a lanyard. To the modern and original design of these personalized gifts must be added its elegant character, resulting in one of the cheap corporate gifts that have greater pull today.

Personalised USB Flash Drives and external hard drives for any event

USB sticks and Hard Drives make great personalized gifts for any business. Two technological products that always make a big impact when given to customers. And not only because of what it means as an original executive gift, but also because of the practical character that can be given to it.

Custom USB Flash Drives are ideal for printing a full-colour image or a brand logo on them. There are also USB 3.0 sliders that combine a removable connector with a solid and elegant design and increased storage capacity.

However, these two promotional items are becoming fashionable at other events as well. For example, they are ideal to give away at weddings or communions with the photos of the event as a souvenir.

The interesting thing about these types of promotional gifts is that they are actually useful products that, at the same time, will help to spread and remember the brand and image of the company. In addition, their original and eye-catching character means that they can be used in any event that is prized, to the extent that they can be used to deliver catalogues to suppliers, present results to customers, give price lists, deliver press kits, and so on.

In short, USB flash drives and hard drives can undoubtedly become a promotional or advertising gift for companies more than interesting. Because although new technologies have not stopped advancing, USB sticks have not disappeared. They are still strong enough, especially when you consider the original and modern designs with which they are presented as gifts.