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There is a wide variety of yoyos and they are all personalizable. The yo-yo is a classic game, with sentimental value added to the value of the product itself. If you give your branded yo-yo as a promocional product to your company's customers, it will immediately become part of the feelings of those who bring out its most playful side.

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A yo-yo as a corporate gift? Of course!

When we prepare to choose the perfect promotional product for a particular event or celebration, one of the most frequent concerns that assails us is whether we know how to find the item that best combines practicality, durability, good price and of course the positive effect on the minds of our customers when they receive it. But sometimes everything is much simpler, because we are looking for something that will make them smile, to make their most childish side emerge in this increasingly serious world. A toy is the ideal promotional gift for these situations, and one of the star toys of our childhood was undoubtedly the yoyo.

When I was a child I remember that the games we used to play with in the school recess varied over time, as if they were subject to fashions. We played with marbles, jump ropes, Nintendo Game & Watch machines, various sports, and yo-yos. In fact, more than passing fads, this variety of games I attribute more to the fervor for curiosity and experimentation to which age pushed us with energy. With each new game we learned something, and gradually helped to forge the personality that governs us now that we are adults.

Personalizing promotional yo-yos to promote your company

If you have come from a very distant planet I will tell you that the yo-yo has a very simple mechanism. It is a round piece in which a rope is wound inside. We place and our middle finger inside the loop of the end of the rope we throw towards the ground in a decided way the round piece towards the ground. Physics and kinetic energy will do the rest. The yo-yo will go down, up and with a lot of patience we will learn to do amazing tricks. If you search in Youtube videos, you will open-mouthed watching things that can be done with this toy.

Now that you've remembered how the yo-yo was and how much fun it is, I'm sure you've decided to ask us for a lot of personalisable yo-yos as the stars of your next promotional merchandise campaign. To be able to give joy to your customers and associate it with your brand is an asset that you should take advantage of. A branded yo-yo made of natural wood marked with your logo is a precious item of attraction, although you can also buy these toys in various colors that match your corporate colors to make colorful combinations.

If you are going to get married soon, first of all I wish you many congratulations, and after the cordiality allow me to offer you a personalized yo-yo as a wedding gift. You may find this proposal odd, but if you think about it you can distribute the yo-yo to your wedding guests and organize an activity with them. Your laughs are assured and your photographer will thank you by capturing unique moments in the happiest day of your life.

Don't forget, ask for the quote of the advertising yo-yo you like best, attach your logo to your request and we will write you with the best price along with a free sketch to see how good your personalized yo-yos will look.