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Travel or enjoy the sofa with personalized polar blankets

There are many fleece blankets and other acrylic and amorous fabrics that can be personalized and are a delicious promotional giveaway for your brand, because who doesn't appreciate lying on the couch during the coldest months of the year and embracing a blanket like a bear.

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Promotional blankets on your customers' sofas

As the last months of the year approach, companies that like to use promotional products as part of their marketing strategies like to look for good value products to give to their best customers. As valid options we have quality agendas for next year, exclusive sets of wine, trolleys or suitcases and cashmere scarves among other items. But today I'm going to tell you about the excellence of another corporate gift that perfectly fulfills its function, the polar advertising blankets personalized with your logo, of course.

From autumn onwards, temperatures begin to drop, days of sunshine and mild weather alternate with colder rainy days. It is at this moment when we feel like taking the blankets out of the wardrobe and placing them folded on the sofa in the living room, for those moments of relaxation in which we love to feel the feeling of warmth and well-being that a polar blanket offers us. This is an excellent time to give your customers a nice personalized sofa blanket, right now, when autumn begins. It is the ideal moment to enter the heart of the home of your best customers, directly to their sofa, the true temple of rest where we all reduce the mental rhythm and seek to relax reading a book, stay gawking at the fireplace, enjoying a chat with our family or watching what we like most on television.

Brand a fleece blanket to turn it into an promotional merchandise.

Surely you have seen above all the blankets that we offer you to personalize and that we have available for you many different types of sofa blankets. There are several price ranges for you to find the one that best suits your budget, starting from 5 euros of a polar fabric blanket to 30 euros of a high quality blanket. Several of the models of blankets have included handles to transport them rolled in which it is perfect to print your logo. Other models, however, come folded with a nice ribbon with a ribbon that we can also personalize, and that offer a precious result. You will also see that we offer you polar blankets with stuffed animals, in which a bear, duck, reindeer or hippopotamus embrace the blanket with the same tenderness that the blanket embraces you.

All these giveaway items can be personalized in the same blanket, of course, although I personally recommend that you think of a small and discreet printing. We want to be part of our clients' sofas, not invade them with advertising posters.

Think of a group of important customers who deserve your full attention, either because of their loyalty over the years or because you want to keep them by showing them from the beginning of your business relationship how much you appreciate their trust. With a promotional fleece blanket as an exclusive personalized gift for them, I assure you that you are going to make them understand it without words, with all the warmth and affection that a good promotional blanket will give them.