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Did you get the passport? What about the boarding passes? The visa? Don't forget anything because we can't come back when we're on our way to the airport. And they're right. Do you remember that scare you had when were already in the car? Avoid this by keeping all your travel documents in you travel wallet.

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Personalised travel wallets

I got watery and blurry eyes. I have read the description of the word travel and they do it with such coldness, such a lack of feeling.... In such an aseptic way that they have broken my heart. Traveling is an adventure no matter how short the journey. Traveling is an adventure no matter what the mode of transportation. Traveling is a gift even if you go alone, even if you go on business. Traveling is an emotion. It's discovering faces, streets, smells and flavors. It's getting rich by spending money. Leave a life behind and start a new one.

We cannot begin this adventure by leaving behind some of the travel documents we need to get on a plane, cross a customs office, check in at a hotel or pick up a rented car. Whether you are an absent-minded or you are well-organized, the travel wallet is a wonderful object. A great accesory to your suitcase, backpack and computer case.

Do you think your clients fits these profiles? Of course! Whether it's for leisure or for business, the fact is that nowadays we all travel, so a travel wallet is a useful and lasting corporate gift - you even travel for flirting!

There are several styles: document wallets, passport wallets, travel wallets, etc. In plain solid-coloured tones and luminous colours. And in a wide range of prices, starting at 1€ and reaching approximately 120€ for a leather travel wallet. With these options you may be able to order a cheap personalised travel wallet or a stylish personalised document wallet for your VIP customers, to an exclusive list for those who need a bigger budget.

Promotional travel wallets for tireless travelers

Travel wallets are personalizable over a wide branding area. Honestly, if you're a travel agency, tour operator, transportation company, cruise line, airline or other tourism-related business, a personalized document wallet branded with your logo is a great promotional item - do you think that in the digital age no one carries documents anymore? Error. In my boarding queues I still see many printed boarding passes, and ID documents are still three-dimensional and mandatory. So, yes, I do. The promotional document wallet is an ideal gift. High season of travel is approaching