Promotional pocket mirrors

Brilliant promotions with personalisable folding make-up mirrors

Mirror, mirror on the wall... what's the best promotional product in this kingdom? Perhaps this is what Snow White's stepmother would ask if she received one of these personalized vanity mirrors as a corporate corporate gift. Or maybe she delivered them herself, with her personalized logo of Witches of the Tales Inc. Who knows?

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Personalizable pocket mirrors for marketing campaigns that reflect your splendor

Printed pocket mirrors are a promotional gift that is always very successful. And not only among the female public, but in any advertising action, as they have become a very original and elegant gift or part of the promotional merchandise of a company.

I am already imagining many of my acquaintances who would love to receive a personalized folding mirror as an promotional gift. They are precisely those who take advantage of the mirrors of the elevators, those of the doors and the shop windows to look at themselves, to retouch their hairstyles, to remove the wrinkles from their trousers...

You can't use a printed pocket mirror like this if you work all day away from home. So you don't have to be looking at yourself in all the shop windows.

Cheap and practical business gifts

This is actually an affordable type of giveaway product that if targeted at the right audience can give a lot of visibility to the printed brand. In general, it is usually seen in contexts oriented to cosmetic companies, health centers or any type of business related to beauty and wellness.

At the same time, pocket mirrors are an excellent promotional gift as it is an economic, very practical and can be taken anywhere taking up very little space. A cheap corporate gift to create distinction and elegance in equal parts.

As variety is the taste, there are different types of mirrors for advertising. There are those that come with a brush, make-up mirrors, two mirror boxes, chamois mirrors, folding mirrors... The materials can also be of various types, although metallic and wooden ones prevail.

All of them can be printed with the logo or image to promote the company. But they are also ideal to have a detail in a wedding or any other special event. All you need to do is choose the most suitable model for the occasion and insert the logo you want.

Regardless of their design and the accessories they include, the truth is that promotional vanity mirrors are a corporate gift that you can be sure of. And you will do it because it is a business gift that will be very useful, to the point of bearing in mind the image of your brand day by day.

A personalized make-up mirror is, therefore, a very elegant, original and practical gift for companies. Perhaps you are thinking that it will be the female public who will give it a greater use, but I am imagining many situations in which it would have been very good to have a small mirror at hand.

A traditional promotional item that is a guarantee of success and use. Ask Snow White's stepmother if not.

Yes, some of our pocket mirrors do have magnifications that allow you to see a more "magnified" reflection of yourself. This way, you will be able to spot even the smallest details to perfect your make-up or check for food in your teeth!

Some of them do have covers to store them, which can help keep them protected for better durability. It also helps prevent scratches on the glass and breaking the glass if dropped. The covers also give them more of a compact size when closed.

Yes, you can print your logo in full colour on non-metal pocket mirrors. We offer pad printing or laser engraving for metal pocket mirrors, which you can choose according to your budget and preferences.

Of course! If your brand is relevant to make-up, cosmetics, or accessories, branded pocket mirrors can be a great way to help promote your business. They are fun and practical items that people enjoy for their compact convenience.

The pocket mirrors are small, compact, and travel-friendly, so they are very comfortable to carry in your purse or pocket. With their small size, they are a great accessory to take wherever you go.

Yes, we do stock some pocket mirrors that are made of wheat straw for a more ECO-friendly alternative - ideal for brands with ECO-friendly values.

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María Guerra | Key Account Manager

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16 years of experience in the hospitality and event management industry and 5 in promotional merchandise industry allow María speak with true awareness about branded gifts as she has experienced both roles: client and vendor. Her creativity and eye for detail ensure accuracy and originality as well as her capacity to find trend products with anticipation. Her proposals have become blindly trusted and are a must for her key account customers and are the inspiration source for anyone deciding on their next marketing campaign order. Her rea ability is public relations. You want to meet her!

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