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Personalised piggy banks and money boxes; a savings tool for your brand and your customers

The first time we hear the word save is in the First Communion, if my memory serves me right. And from there until death we have to save and save. Then let's save romantically with promotional money boxes that will save you a corporate gift budget and your clients' pockets.

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Your investment in promotional items will be safe in a personalized moneybox with your logo.

We've always been taught to save money. I remember when I was a child my family gave me a piggy bank in which they often put small coins. That the coins were worthless, I didn't know, and I didn't care. I don't remember if it was a promotional money box with the logo of some brand, I only saw that my money box weighed more and more, and that made me happy. One day the piggy bank was so full that there was no room for any more coins, and my mother made me take it to go to a bank. We entered the bank and my mother talked to a strange man behind a counter. I remember coming out of the bank with a lot of sadness because my money box was suddenly empty. My mother had opened a bank account for my savings and they also gave us a promotional gift that we will talk about in another category.

Bringing back the sensations of childhood is a powerful advertising weapon. You may have had another experience with a money box, but I'm sure seeing a money box now makes you feel happy remembering your childhood. If you are in RegaloEmpresas it is because you are thinking about your new promotional merchandise campaign to promote your brand or event. Value the idea of giving branded moneyboxes as a promotional item to evoke your customers' happy first years, or to make it easier for them to start passing on the values of saving to their children.

There are many different types of moneyboxes to choose from, from a nice piggy bank to more original ones, a promotional moneybox in the shape of a car, a personalized moneybox in the shape of a house, or a book money box, a football moneybox. Some of them have a hole in them to get the money out of, but others you'll have to break them to free up your savings. With the colors you will not have any problem, because we have a great variety of cheap promotional money boxes in a multitude of colors. And if you don't find the color you need, we have a piggy bank that can be colored with paint.

Surely you will find a model that fits with your company's activity or with the objective of your merchandise campaign.

We can personalize all the piggy banks with your logo. We will be happy to send you a pre-design with the promotional moneyboxes you want and your logo. When you trust us to create your own personalised moneyboxes as corporate gifts, you can rest assured that you will be able to rest assured. You have our guarantee that you will either be satisfied with our work or we will compensate you accordingly. We love the world of promotional giveaways and collecting happy customers.

We've commented on it before: if you're looking for a special piggy bank that you haven't seen in RegaloEmpresas, send us a picture. We will do our best to find the piggy bank, in Europe or directly imported, as long as the quantity of personalised money banks meets the minimum requirements for special production.