Promotional card holders

Those valuable business cards in your own personalised card holder

If you are a classic lover like us, business cards in QR format are left to the millennials. Personalize a card holder with your brand and turn it into one of the most eye-catching promotional products in those places where the exchange of cards is like a game: fairs, meetings, congresses and other events.

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Business cards are still valid, turn a personalized card holder into your advertising ally.

Technology is advancing, electronic devices are becoming more powerful and versatile. Many everyday objects have been ostracized into obsolescence because a device or the application of a mobile phone has become effective in performing its function.

But there is an irreducible object that is proudly and elegantly resisting this technological avalanche. One we weren't betting anything on. The card holder.

Card holders as a promotional product to bring your customers closer together

And here we have it, the personalizable card holder has earned its own right to remain in the corporate gift catalogues for many years. The exchange of business cards in the commercial world is still very much alive today. Any good-for-nothing salesperson will say goodbye to a visit by kindly offering his or her contact details printed on a business card. It is also a must to carry a good bunch of business cards to a trade fair, a congress or even on a daily basis, because any occasion can be good for exchanging business cards and expanding your circle of contacts.

But where do you keep the contact cards you get? Although there are mobile applications for scanning business cards so that we can get rid of them, it seems that their use is limited. This is where the card holders come into play, and its promotional version, the personalized card holders.

If the next time you want to buy promotional items you want them to really help your customers' business, order 100 or 200 branded card holders with your logo as a promotional merchandise, and you will see how well they are received. It's a pleasure to have all the business cards collected during years of commercial work, or even from your favorite suppliers, in order. By the way, at RegaloEmpresas we love to hand out our own cards because our logo with the multicolored flower is breath-taking.

However, your customers will also find it very useful if you give them a promotional card holder to carry their business cards. Many times we carry them in our wallets or laptop bags in any way and for this reason they get wrinkled and damaged. This isn't going to happen to you on an branded card holder. Your business cards will be safe and sound.

Personalize card holders to show our elegance and reliability as a company

In RegaloEmpresas you will find cheap but functional personalizable card holders and more exclusive card holders that will surprise your customers. You have at your disposal plastic promotional card holders, aluminium card holders, leather card holders, leather card holders, leather card holders, transparent card holders, card holder and key ring sets, silicone card holders, metal card holders, etc.

We can personalize all these card holders for you in the most appropriate way for your logo with a production schedule always adaptable to the planning you have for your promotional products.