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There is no promotional detail more delicious than giving your customers personalized boxes of chocolates. Company advertising should not only remain merely practical, but should also surprise and become something special

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Give unique flavours with a personal touch! Our personalised boxes of chocolates with your logo are the perfect gift to delight your customers. Light up smiles and leave a lasting impression with every bite - make your brand unforgettable with sweetness!

Assorted gluten-free almond, hazelnut and white chocolate flavours

Your design in full colour on the box

10 chocolates per box

100% made in Europe

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★★★★★ "The personalised chocolates with my logo were a hit with my customers - their positive feedback was incredible! A delicious and memorable way to strengthen relationships. Definitely an investment worth repeating."

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Promotional branded chocolates boxes and bars

Don't tell me you're on a diet because everyone wants candy anytime. And even less if they give you some of the chocolates we offer you at RegaloEmpresas to promote your business or event. Park that diet for a moment and sweeten your life which is only two days (and one is raining).

Here perhaps we are not looking for durability from the material point of view, because surely these chocolates are not going to last long in the pantry, right? Rather, what we're interested in is creating a lasting sensation, an original and delicious giveaway product. A way to conquer yourself by the stomach, wow.

Personalized chocolates for all tastes

For this you have at your disposal a great variety of chocolates and personalized chocolates for all tastes. There are chocolate balls, boxes of truffle chocolates of different units, tins, chocolate coins, easter chocolates etc..

It makes my mouth water just to mention the assortment of chocolates and chocolates to customize that you can find in RegaloEmpresas.

You can have a small detail giving a chocolate figure, but also a higher quality gift if what you give is a case or a box of custom chocolates.

The presentation and personalization options in this promotional giveaway are very varied, which will have a positive impact on your advertising campaign.

A delicious and traditional promotional item

To tell the truth, it is increasingly fashionable to use personalized chocolates as giveaways for customers in a large number of businesses and shops of all kinds.

The reason? Well, in most cases you will have guaranteed success. And if there's someone who doesn't like chocolate, there's sure to be a family member nearby who can give it away.

The reception and impact of personalized chocolates will be very lasting. Because in addition to serving for the previous businesses, it is the perfect solution to give in events or dates.

All you have to do is put yourself in a situation: imagine that you arrive at a business and they offer you a chocolate bar when you enter or leave. Are you sure that you will go back there to buy something just because you are invited again? Of course!

A personalised chocolate makes the memory you take with you from somewhere much sweeter. There they will be giving you good taste and will show you that they care about their customers even in the smallest details.

A cheap, different and original personalised gift with which to attract attention, build customer loyalty or leave a pleasant memory in them. What we like is always appreciated. What less than to do it on this occasion when they are giving you a unique corporate gift that will leave a great taste in your mouth.