Floating keyrings

Promote your brand at sea with a floating key ring

Make your brand stay afloat taking advantage of all the strength that merchandise items give to any company that chooses to trust them. Make your logo literally float by giving away personalisable floating key rings - a real lifesaver!

Floating key rings as promotional givewawys

I always carry my house or car keys with me. And I don't know how I manage them, but many times all the alarms have gone off in the event of a possible loss. Imagine what it could mean if we lose the keys on the beach, in the swimming pool or on a boat in the sea. Do we forget those keys forever? No! There is still a solution with floating key rings.

A key ring is an object used to carry one or more keys. The idea is to keep all the keys in one place. If you look closely, however, this can be a double-edged sword for the more absent-minded: if you lose the key ring, you lose all the keys. But for now, let's try to leave the more clueless to one side.

The usefulness of a key ring is rather practical, but often used as a promotional product to promote a brand. But is there anyone who notices a keychain? you might ask. Yes, it is. Moreover, if we were to pay more attention to them, perhaps we wouldn't lose them so much.

There are key rings of all kinds and shapes and sizes you want: plastic key rings, acrylic, handmade, leather, promotional key rings, personalized key rings ... Key rings to carry in your pocket, in your jacket, in your bag, in your hand to show them and show off a little ... Yes, yes, I recognize it, I do.

The utility of a branded floating key ring

Perhaps one of the least known, but one of the most practical (a perfect mixture as you will see now), is the floating key ring. It is a key ring that fulfills its task of carrying the keys, but at the same time you are going to come phenomenal in marine environments not to lose the keys of your boat or simply to use on the beach and be able to carry the keys to the water so you do not have to leave them in the towel.

This type of key rings are generally made of EVA rubber, with bright colors and a larger printing area than conventional key rings, so you can customize them and your logo looks elegant on the key ring.

Because hasn't it ever happened to you that you've been to the beach and didn't want to go swimming for fear of leaving your keys in the towel and having them stolen? That's because you still didn't know about nautical floating keyrings. A key ring that, in the event of a fall into the sea, will float on the surface so that you don't lose your keys. But be careful, don't put all the neighborhood keys in it either, because they might drag the floating key ring to the bottom of the sea.

The floating key ring is also perfect for people who like to practice water sports or go to the pool and, above all, for professionals who develop their professional activity in the water. I, precisely, have always wondered about things that these will lose in the sea, right?

A floating key ring is also a great corporate gift to boost a brand. Imagine how good you are going to look at an event related to the sea if you give your customers personalized floating key rings. A very useful company gift that is also the most original.

For the keys of your boat, to go to the beach, the swimming pool or fishing, as a personalised gift to promote a brand in a business or an event with the sea as the protagonist. I find many utilities to these promotional floating key rings, to be ambassadors of your brand. Everything is to avoid the disaster of losing the keys and then have to weather the storm at home when you give the news, don't you think?