Promotional bags

Your promotional cotton and fabric bags to advertise your business

Personalized bags are one of the most successful corporate gifts. Give your customers a cotton tote bag or other cheap promotional shoppers with your logo printed on them. We have for you hundreds of bags of all colors ready to personalize. Find your favorite bag among our folding bags, organic bags, non-woven and many others

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Promotional bags as a promotional product

Giving away bags is one of the best decisions you can make to promote your brand. Homes are full of cotton tote bags, always so handy for shopping, the beach or transporting anything.

In addition, since plastic bags have ceased to be used in stores and shopping malls, this personalizable item has become much more widespread. Now everyone has a personalised bag at home to go shopping, to the beach, to the countryside or on a trip.

An extensive catalogue of promotional bags in all styles and designs

It is for this reason that in RegaloEmpresas we are going to be able to find a great variety of printed bags. We have cotton tote bags, jute bags, conference bags, shoppers, ecological bags ideal for those companies that want to bet on respect for the environment, or folding bags.

A very varied catalogue of bags available in many colours and materials. A promotional bag has always proved to be a perfect advertising medium to make a brand known.

At the same time, you can find bags to personalize very economic or of a superior quality. The perfect way to find the type of promotional giveaway you need for each customer.

Cotton shoppers, a giveaway with which you'll get it right

One of the promotional items that is having the most pull in recent years is that of personalized tote bags. The fact that shops and supermarkets no longer offer plastic bags has caused us to have several such bags at home.

In this sense, it has become one of the most practical promotional merchandise. The usefulness of an article is one of the details that can mark the success or not of an advertising campaign. If the client is going to use it, it will take the image of the brand anywhere.

Personalized cotton tote bags: One of the favorite personalized gifts

In a way, bags can be used for many things. We've just mentioned their practicality for shopping, but we also have conference bags or bags for travelling, to the countryside or just for a walk.

The great usefulness of this item is one of its main attractions. Many of these promotional bags are also ideal to include a gift or to bring food to the office or work.

The great variety of use that can be given to personalized bags makes it one of the favorite promotional gifts. In addition, the fact that it is a cheap promotional gift means that with a small investment in advertising we are going to reach a large number of people.

Therefore, it is an ideal promotional item for those small businesses that do not have a very high budget for their marketing campaign.

How do we personalize a bag?

To print your logo on a bag we will use the most appropriate printing technique. The most common and cheapest way is to personalize with serigraphy, with which we will achieve a perfect and lasting result. For designs with many colors we will recommend to print in sublimation whenever the bag allows it, or alternatively we can mark the design with digital printing or digital transfer. In any case in RegaloEmpresas we will advise you from the first minute.

Personalized bags for all types of events

At the same time, bags can be offered at all types of events. It is a promotional item that fits into any context, as it does not have a specific area in which it stands out.

In addition, if you have a store or a trade you can offer your customers these shoppers or eco-friendly bags. Precisely, the latter are having a lot of acceptance, because with them we demonstrate our respect for the environment.

In short, it can be said that promotional bags are one of the best articles for our marketing campaign. The daily use they can give your bags is the best solution to always keep in mind the image of our company.