Promotional trolley coins

Trolley coins ready to be personalized with your logo

Printed trolley coins with keyring are the best solution to stop looking for coins in your pocket every time you go shopping. You'll find it much more useful from the day you don't stop looking for a coin in your wallet in front of the row of supermarket trolleys

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A trolley coin with your logo printed on it as the perfect promotional product

Yes, I'm from that generation in which we needed to insert a coin to take the supermarket trolley. What if you didn't carry it? Oh, you had to change the five-euro bill or look for an unused cart. Now times have changed and you just need to carry your branded trolley coin.

It is true that you can be very useful to always have a coin in the car, but more practical you will certainly have this trolley coin. This is, without a doubt, one of those cases where your own experience has a lot to say.

I don't know exactly when the trolley coins became popular, but the truth is that they turned out to be a very practical solution. Although, in reality and as a good friend says, everything you can include in a keychain will be useful to you sometime in your life.

Economic personalised gift with a high degree of visibility and usefulness

Promotional merchandise companies soon realized that trolley coins could be of great value. Useful, practical and ideal to carry everywhere, which translates into a more than excellent advertising medium.

Without forgetting that this is a cheap promotional item so that your investment in advertising is minimal. Anyway, when you can take it with you everywhere the brand or logo that appears printed will become much more visible.

Precisely what we look for in any promotional marketing campaign. The idea is to try to take the image of your company everywhere, and for that nothing better than a gift that you know that customers are going to use and that will be very durable.

Designs for all tastes on printed trolley coins for advertising

If you take a look at these promotional trolley coins, there are them for all tastes, styles, colors and designs. Most of them are made of plastic so you won't even notice it when you're wearing it. But you also have them of better quality and made of metal and leatherette.

Each of these trolley coins you can print with logo to promote your business. In addition, they have a large surface so you can include the information you want.

The interesting thing about these personalizable trolley coins is that they will have a great acceptance among customers. A cheap business gift that will be used and will always be a detail to be thankful.

Whenever your customers go to the supermarket will have visible the image of your company. In addition, you will be solving one of the problems in which we have all been involved once: "I carry in my wallet coins of all kinds except the one that has to be worth to take the supermarket trolley. Like life itself.