House shaped promotional keyrings

Cheap and original house shaped keyrings house for advertising

They say a house is for life. And a key ring in the shape of a house too, why not. A personalised corporate gift that, at certain moments in our lives, can fill us with a lot of enthusiasm

Real estate agencies, banks, home improvement companies: Find here your house shaped keyring

A key ring is a very traditional promotional product. I'm sure you've been able to see any event you've attended. But the diversity of shapes, styles and designs they acquire is so great that they can actually become a very original detail.

Because despite being accustomed to seeing them, personalized keyrings still have an enormous promotional impact. Without going any further, who does not have an advertising keyring? You take it with you everywhere, it appears hanging on your trousers... even if you lose it, they don't stop doing their publicity work. The promotional keyrings are so selfless in their work.

Where do the printed house shaped keyrings fit best?

Branded house keyrings are ideal in sectors such as real estate or construction. I have also seen them in hotels, campsites, rural houses and apartments and so on, but in turn at events and congresses as merchandising company.

Usually, the brand logo or business image is inserted into the surface of the house. In this way, the brand image is projected to a greater number of users, because they easily associate the name to the business sector to which it belongs. A type of advertising that therefore fits perfectly if it is a real estate agency or a construction company, right?

Maybe you see someone carrying the keys to their house on a key ring of this type and think go, how unoriginal. But I'm sure they offer you a promotional keychain like that and the first thing you do is put the keys to your home ... or the garage, or the office, or the store you have ... Own experience and having done so once is the advantage that some of us have to say such things.

Exclusive and very economical personalized house keyrings

The quality of this type of keychain has changed a lot. Without going any further, the metallic promotional keyrings we have here can be laser engraved to present a more premium look, with doming for a more durable full color printing. That said, a house-shaped keyring can be for life.

A quality that, by the way, is not at odds with the price. These promotional house keyrings are a cheap promotional item to advertise any business. Real estate agencies, builders, hotels, cottages, apartments, campsites, etc..

You only have to imagine that couple of lovers who comes for the first time to your real estate in search of their home. What if the qualities, what if the rooms, what if the price ... and while you think about it quietly, here you have a personalized house-shaped key ring. To take the hint, right?