Anti-stress promotional products

Personalized anti-stress items to calm your nerves

The anti-stress products are nice items that help fight nerves by squeezing them without mercy. We have from the typical personalized anti-stress ball, to original models of anti-stress cars, anti-stress planes, anti-stress houses, a nice anti-stress heart and even juicy lips.

Advertising anti-stress products

There are two types of stress: positive and negative. The positive is the one which keeps us on our toes and active and which gives us a boost to be proactive, which is necessary to be survivors. The negative stress is the one which crosses the line, the one which makes us eat badly, makes our hair fall, makes us get pimples, get tetchy, lose sleep, etc. In general our society is stressed out and it seems to be cool and trendy; we love saying that we are "super busy", we fill our schedule like if having spare time was a sin, at our jobs the workload overwhelms us, leaving on time is frowned upon. Maybe we could say we have trivialized it when in reality it is a huge problem. That stress leads us from action and dynamism to anxiety and disorganization.

Stress can be fought multiple ways: a radical change in lifestyle which includes more sports and free time, and less dependence on mobiles for example; psychological counseling; relaxing massages, yoga practicing and conventional medicine in the most extreme and difficult cases.

And then, there are those novelties which arrive from the most modern cities like New York: drinking Kava (no to be confused with the Catalan cava). The Kava is a root that grows in the South Pacific, which turned into dust and mixed with water has become the top trend of the after-works in the city. This drink which seems to taste like hell, numbs the tongue, relaxes your mind and body and causes euphoria… Do not say more. We also have thought it, but it seems to be legal.

From RegaloEmpresas we can pitch in a little to fight that stress with the personalized anti-stress items which help calming nerves throughout the day. We are sure more than one of you has spent a meeting gripping a squishy anti-stress item while imagining it was your supervisor’s head. Gentlemen, it is a anti-stress item, not a voodoo doll.

Gifting personalized anti-stress items

In another section of our website we have mentioned the fidget spinner which topped the list of most sold items between 2016 and 2017 and that they do not get us to relax rather they make us more nervous.

The soft customizable anti-stress items have fun designs and they are a perfect advertising gift which can be found in any respectable office. The good thing is that there are types of customizable anti-stress items perfect for each sector: anti-stress items for pharma, anti-stress items for travel agencies (anti-stress terrestrial globe), anti-stress items for airlines (anti-stress plane), anti-stress items for transporters (anti-stress truck), anti-stress items for doctors (anti-stress nurse, anti-stress doctor), anti-stress items for the building industry (anti-stress helmet, anti-stress ruler), anti-stress items for sports (anti-stress football, anti-stress rugby ball). There also exist anti-stress items heart shaped for the most romantic ones or for cardiologists, anti-stress drop shaped, anti-stress light bulb, stress dice to help you make a choice, anti-stress house and even anti-stress fruits.

They are a wonderful and a cheap merchandising option. No hands can resist using an anti-stress ball, which is placed in sight on any desktop. The stress balls have a generous printing area and let your brand be visible. Very visible.

Keep in mind that the personalized anti-stress balls can also become fantastic key-chains, thereby multiplying your company’s visibility for just a few cents.

Besides the squishy and soft anti-stress items, there are metallic anti-stress items: the famous Baoding balls known as Health Balls or Kung Fu Chio Balls, which are NOT precisely the ones used to improve the health of the pelvic floor. In China they have been used for more than a millennium and although their benefits are yet unproven by occidental medicine, they help stimulate circulation, relax, improve memory and reduce fatigue.

These last items are the ideal company gift for VIP clients. The metallic balls are usually presented on a wooden base or a locked box. Both materials, the metal of the balls and the wood of the base allow for customization with laser making them a distinguished corporate gift and will give an original and refined touch to the table where they are placed.