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Anti-stress Doctor

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Let stresses, fears, and worries melt away with the Anti-Stress Doctor! These fun squishy products are the perfect symbol of healthcare combined with stress relief. Anxiety and stress are very concerning emotional difficulties, so it's important to combat them with an appropriate yet convenient solution.

The Anti-Stress Doctors represent this perfectly with the "doctor" design a perfect reference of care. They feature soft, satisfying, and enjoyable foam material which allows you to exert pressure and squeeze it which as much intensity as you'd like. This feeling creates a sense of release for those experiencing a high amount of stress.

With its fantastic design and purpose, these Anti-Stress Doctors would furthermore be excellent professional health personnel, healthcare workers, or pharmaceutical industry promotional items - so if you have a Pharmacy business, doctor practice or you work as nurse, you can give these away to both represent your brand and help them with their stress simultaneously. To do this effectively, our printing services can help you. We offer one colour pad printing for these promotional products, so you can clearly represent your business or even better, you can use them as personalised gifts by printing their name onto it! Whenever they feel stressed, they can use the Anti-Stress Doctor, see their name to remember the kind gesture, and use it to eliminate their stress.

How large would you say these items are?

The Anti-Stress Doctors have a height of 10cm, a width of 4.5cm, and a thickness of 4cm - you should be able to transport it quite easily in your bag or even pocket!

What do they weigh?

These items have a weight of 16 grams - they are super light and can be easily taken with you anywhere, so you can use it whenever you feel stressed.

Can my design have several colours?

No, the Anti-Stress Doctors uses only 1 colour printing through the method of highly efficient and cheap pad printing.

What kind of business could I promote?

With their strong reference to health care, these personalizable anti-stress products would do wonders with promoting professional health personnel, healthcare workers, or pharmaceutical industries.
Product Dimensions 4.5 x 10 x 4 cm
Item Weight 16

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