Print your brand in a foldable bag hanger

We have the most beautiful personalised bag hangers for your wedding. Your guests will go crazy with this original accessory that will save their lives on more than one occasion, as well as remembering the most important date of your life every time they see their precious folding bag hangers.

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The bag hanger is an excellent wedding gift for your guests, and for yourself!

Today I'm going to write girl to girl, and not because I've had a fuchsia feminist outburst. If you guys are reading this you are welcome, you are going to learn how much suffering a woman can sometimes be and how to offer us a solution, which I know you love to solve problems.

Girls, when we go out for drinks and we're at a bar, where do we leave our loyal bag? Having your bag hanging on your shoulder all night is a real pain in the ass, and the floor is not the place where you want to leave it, you know what I mean.

You may have seen a handbag magically hanging from a table or bar, but you didn't realize that a small, practical gadget was working a miracle. Attention, with all of you, the fantastic bag hanger!

A bag hanger is a simple invention that has a flat metal piece and a folding hook on which we can hang the bag. The bag hangers have different shapes, round, square, heart-shaped bags, or more original bag hangers with less common shapes, such as star-shaped, flower-shaped, cloud-shaped.

Offer a bag hanger as an promotional product to promote your business to your grateful customers.

Bag hangers are such a practical object that I'm surprised it's not better known. Such is its usefulness that for that very reason it has become a fabulous promotional gift and wedding gift. There are so many different types of companies where a personalized bag hanger is a perfect corporate gift. Imagine you have a clothing and accessories store, you can give a personalized bag hanger with the logo of your store to all your customers. If you're a restaurant owner with a bar, cocktail bar or restaurant, offering a handbag with your logo on the table is better than handing out business cards. In a hotel, the same thing: you can offer your guests a personalized bag hanger with the hotel's logo as a welcome gift. Hairdressers, beauty salons, gyms,.... Any business in which there are women as clients can have in mind the hanging of bags as an promotional gimmick.

Personalize hangs bags to turn them into perfect promotional merchandise

When it comes to printing a logo on a personalizable bag hanger, we have three options. Use the simple tampon printing to print logos with flat inks, laser engrave if you want to customize a metal bag hangers or use a doming sticker to print more complex logos in full color or for the simple fact of choosing an attractive finish. The doming sticker is always the right choice when it comes to personalising any promotional item.

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