Cheap and Customizable Hats: Quality and Variety for your Event

A promotional hat for your events

In your special occasions or business event, our promotional hats branded with your logo will spread joy among your guests. We can print your logo on a wide range of quality hats, choose the color of the ribbon you like most! Contact us.

Our customers' favourite hat

Customizable straw hat

The Straw Hat Lua fits elegantly as an accessory at parties, events and celebrations. Get a casual style in your wedding by giving your guests this personalized straw hat and achieve a special atmosphere thanks to its cowboy look.

Made of natural coloured straw.

Combine it with one of 20 colour ribbons available.

Customize your ribbon with your logo in unlimited colours.

European manufacture with the highest quality.

Discover our Straw hat Lua

★★★★★ "We loved the hat with the embroidered ribbon. We gave it away at our wedding and it was a lot of fun for everyone to enjoy it on the dance floor."

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Cheap Hats: Your Guide to Choosing the Best promotional Hats for You

Quality and Price in branded Hats

Discover our selection of quality and cheap straw hats. Ideal for events, parties and promotions, our hats are perfect for all occasions.

Variety of Hats Styles

We have a wide range of styles, from personalised straw hats with ribbons to hats for parties and summer events. Find the design that best suits your needs.

Personalised Hats

Our custom hats are ideal for promoting your business or event. With a personalised ribbon, you can add your logo or message to highlight your brand.

Straw Hats for Events and Parties

If you are looking for cheap straw hats for parties and events, we have a wide variety of options. From fun and funky beach hats to hats for sporting and music events, you'll find the perfect hat for your occasion.

Benefits of Buying Cheap Straw Hats

In addition to their affordable price, straw hats offer a number of advantages:

  • They protect from the sun and heat, making them ideal for outdoor events.
  • They are lightweight and comfortable to wear.
  • They can be customised to promote your brand or event.
  • They are an ecological and sustainable option.

Customising straw hats is a simple process. Simply choose the model of hat you like best, select the ribbon that best suits your needs and send us your design or logo. We will print your image on the ribbon to make your hats unique and eye-catching.

If your brand gives items for sunny days or you will make an advertising campaign outdoors, a company event or any other fun celebration, the personalized straw hats cannot be missed.

The promotional hats for merchandising are the greatest feat, especially when you give them in the beaches, parks, forests, fields or parties.

In RegaloEmpresas we put you at your disposal around 100 promotional hats models that can be personalized with the logo of your company.

We are aware of the importance that the promotional gifts mean for your customers and possible users, we personalize your straw hats with your logo so you can show your brand and spread your slogan.

Promotional hats for merchandising

The personalized hats are a great promotional gift and, as every buyer person is unique, we have almost 100 straw hats so you can choose the perfect match. Remember that if your customers like the hats that you are giving, they will wear them routinely what will increase your possibilities to stay in their top of mind and impact on other people who might be a potential costumer.

RegaloEmpresas can help finding the best promotional hat for your brand, each type of customer or each type of occasion, from most urban to more rural models.

Types of hats for advertising

Any of the promotional hats that you may find on our website are customisable with your favorite ribbon's color; either printed or embroidered.

Choose between promotional and personalized hats for men and personalized pamela hats for women; choose the model that matches with the image of your brand and the personality of your clients.

Urban personalized hats

It will depend on the spirit of your brand and what you want to show in the moment of giving away the promotional hats. For urban and sophisticated brands, we recommend the next models.

Braz Hat
It is an uneven-brimmed advertising hat, ideal as a promotional product at events or parties in the city. It looks elegant in white, with up to eight colors for the ribbon.

Angie Hat
It is a promotional hat that reflects a fresh and young personality, suits perfect as a corporate gift for young and modern brands. It is available in blue along with eight different colors for the ribbon.

Bocaccio Hat
This kind of hat is great for brands targeting men, either if is a middle age man or a younger one, it looks elegant and mysterious. It is a promotional hat available in gray with also eight different colors for the ribbon.

Get Hat
It is a like-new and elegant hat model, fits perfectly for men from the city or from the province. It looks sophisticated in white with eight different colors for the ribbon too.

Isa Hat
It is a female hat, neat and fine; it is the right hat for young and feminine brands that want to attest style and freshness. It looks beautiful in white with 8 different colors available for the ribbon.

Cheat personalized hats
These cheap hats models have a great style and are perfect to wear them in the beach, the countryside, or the park.

In RegaloEmpresas we have made sure of getting the high quality materials on low costs in order to offer you cheap personalized of high quality branded hats.

Indiana Hat
Promotional hat model for both men and women, it is a adaptable model that you may find in several colors, fabrics and finishing. So your customers will be happy and satisfied with their personalized hat.

Cowboy Hat
This type of model can never be missed in your promotional merchandise campaigns or parties; it looks good in both men and women.

Personalized Pamela Hats
This model is the feminine hat par excellence. You can make your selection, all of them are very feminine and charming, between different colors, matching ribbon, fabrics and finishing.

Promotional Hats for your brand

In RegaloEmpresas our team will be plesed to help you choosing the best personalized straw hat choice for your brand.

Frequently asked questions about customized straw hats

The personalized straw hats are an excellent complement that offers color and joy and can be used as a promotional gift in all kinds of settings, such as popular parties, team building events in companies, corporate events and even as a prop for guests at weddings.

Yes, we have available for you different colors of ribbon so you can make the combination you like between the hat, the ribbon and the logo you want to print. If you have doubts about which is the best combination for your design, our design department will be happy to help you.

You can choose between polyester and non-woven ribbons. Both types of ribbons are of good quality and can be printed with a logo.

Choose between 2cm, 2.7cm and 3cm ribbon sizes. Each style of hat fits best with a certain width of ribbon, but these three options give you the opportunity to let your creativity run wild to create the promotional straw hat of your dreams.

We offer you many possibilities to print your logo: we can print it on the front of the hat, on each of the sides and also as many times as you want around the hat.

The minimum order is 100 units, although we can make 50 units applying an additional supplement.

Non-woven ribbons allow up to 6 colours and for full colour designs we recommend dye-sublimation printing on a polyester ribbon. With this you can even get a background colour completely to your liking.

Some of our straw hats will be delivered to you in assorted sizes so that everyone has the right hat for their size. Other models of hats made of different materials are available in one size.

If you need to print a logo with many colours or you have a special full colour design for your wedding, we can print it using the sublimation printing technique on the polyester ribbons. You will love the result!

Of course you can. In RegaloEmpresas you can mix as you want the colours of straw hats or other materials and also their ribbons without any increase in price.

We are very fast. Usually we deliver your order of straw hats already personalized with your logo in about 8 or 12 days. However, if the date of your event has come up, you can ask us for an express delivery time and, whenever possible, we will help you to get your advertising hats on time.

Yes, we offer straw hats without customisation for those customers who prefer a simpler design or wish to customise them on their own.

Delivery time varies depending on the quantity of hats and the customisation process. However, we strive to deliver all orders quickly and efficiently.

Our promotional hats are made of natural and sustainable materials, such as wheat straw or raffia. Don't wait any longer and choose the perfect cheap straw hats for your event or promotion - place your order today!