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When it suddenly starts raining and you've been caught suddenly, you realise that you don't have your umbrella on you, but wearing poncho or a waterproof folding raincoat on top can save you from the makeshift shower. Take advantage of their usefulness to make one of them your next promotional gift.

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Buy personalized raincoats to make rain and bad weather your ally

Answer me honestly to a question: In the last year have you been the victim of a downpour because you did not look at the weather forecast and left home without your umbrella? I bet you did, at least I remember a couple of times when it happened to me. While you're getting soaked looking for shelter under the balconies of the streets, and running through the streets, you think you'd give anything to have an umbrella at that moment, or any garment that shelters you from the rain. Returning home at least you know you have the consolation that a hot shower awaits you as soon as you arrive. If it surprises you on your way to work, right at the start of the day the disaster can be complete.

But the good news is that you can avoid this situation and a possible cold by always carrying a raincoat or a folding poncho. And since you are visiting RegaloEmpresas because you are interested in our corporate gifts, another good news is that the company you represent, which values merchandising campaigns with promotional products, can make a lot of profit from unexpected showers and win the hearts of your customers because one day you gave them a personalized raincoat with your logo that, as it was foldable and took up little space, they carry it since then in their bags, purses and briefcases. In this way, when the sky turns grey and a storm threatens, they now take out their raincoats with your brand and if they are happy, they even start singing in the rain.

Giving a raincoat as a promotional gift, okay, but which one?

You'll see above that you can choose between ponchos and raincoats. You also have the option of opting for a windbreaker, but one of its functions is generally not to protect us from the rain. Although it can save us from a moderate shower, of course the windbreaker will free us from the cold produced by the wind.

We are going to focus then on the raincoat and the poncho, ideal garments to turn them into fabulous giveaway products with virtues that will help you in your work of fidelizing clients making them a gift that, as I have told you, is going to be very useful and profitable for them.

The branded raincoats already know that they are waterproof plastic garments, with a zipper that should also be protected to prevent water filtering, and an essential hood to cover our head. The customisable raincoat models we have available for you at RegaloEmpresas meet these premises, and are also prepared to house your logo with a more than sufficient printing area. We have cheap personalised raincoats, with simpler materials, but that perform their function to perfection, and others of more quality and durability. As far as colours are concerned, you have raincoats in a very wide chromatic variety.

The promotional ponchos have become nice promotional items. In our catalogue you will be struck by the fact that you will find several models tucked into a small ball with a hanger. The poncho is folded inside its spherical container and has such a reduced size that we won't mind carrying it with us in any bag, briefcase, backpack or kidney bag.

In the case of personalisable ponchos, we can print your logo on the container sphere itself, so that it is always visible. Of course, we also have ponchos presented in a plastic bag, without ball. Although I recommend that you opt for the most original, because the original surprises, and if it surprises will leave a mark. And that's exactly what we look for when we buy company gifts.