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A toiletry bag for the most travellers and the most flirtatious

Frequent travelers want points and a well-ordered suitcase to pass checkpoints without delay. Are you a travel agency, a gym, a beauty center, a travel agency, an airline? Then, a personalised toiletry bag is the promotional item that your users are looking for

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Personalized toiletry bags

I'll be right here. I'll hit you on the keyboard. Writing about all the categories in our catalogue. If anyone reads to me, please send me a WhatsApp of encouragement to Maria's phone number, our Key Account Manager.

Well, today it was time to talk about a product that I like. I really like toiletries and I've always liked them, since I was a little girl. And I don't know what to tell you about it, because I'm not a big consumer of makeup or creams or anything, so it must have been a cheesy outbreak that evolved well. I remember saving up with less than 12 years to buy a briefcase, a hard case worthy of the Pique. The kind that used to let you carry around in your hand, full liquids and creams, no need to check in luggage. Yes. Because it's a toiletry bag, not a toolbox with tools to blow up a plane. We can't do anything and that romantic movie part must be forgotten. The briefcase, by the way, I still treasure in my little girl's bedroom closet.

A couple of weeks ago I was alone, I was packing my suitcase to go on a getaway to the south and thinking about what I had to put for 4 days in a tiny trolley, I stopped in my thoughts about the toiletry bag. I thought that of all the things I could discard, the toilet bag would never be sacrificed. I mean, for travel I'd always carry my toiletry bag.

Promotional toiletry bags, for the most Barbies, for the best star make-up artists, for the most travellers

We cannot limit its use to travel. The travel kit: praise be to him. But there are more uses. I've also always had a toiletry bag in my drawer at work. In extra long working days, working in front of the customer, who doesn't need to have at hand the essentials to wash and refresh themselves? And the gym bag, the bag for carrying just right and transparent.

Check out the "Toiletries" section of the RegaloEmpresas website. We visually tell you the story of "101 toiletries". Customisable toiletry bag models and models for all tastes. There is a sports toiletry bag, transparent ones, semi-rigid, travel ones, cylindrical bag, bag for liquids on the plane, bag for Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada which, of course, is the pinkest and funniest bag available, bag with hanger, etc. You know what you need? A toiletry bag.

Remember that these small customised bags are the perfect accessory for your travels and that for very little money you will have a promotional gift with an international presence.

Think about your customers, your target audience, your brand and your marketing campaign. Choose your toiletry bag well and get the right promotional merchandise.