Luggage to take around the world

Some of you are shivering with pleasure because you associate them with vacations, weekend getaways, and others feel shivers of terror thinking about flights, delays, work meetings, jet-lags. But we all, ALL of us, need at least one suitcase. And your company wants to give away one with the logo printed on it.

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We live in the era of cheap flight, although low-cost airlines charge us a minister's fee for an hour and a half's flight within our countries. We are all very travellers, very globe trotters and very wanderlust, we love to take pictures of the clouds looking out of the window of the plane.

And the one who is not an adventurous traveler is a business traveler and takes the air bridge or the train. This one also packs his trolley.

There are also those who run away on the weekend because they live love in the distance. And the love and the winning put them in another trolley.

Before, we used to travel and show the passport stamps, the bag stickers... With the fall of some borders thanks to agreements between countries, the stamps were disappearing, and it seems that the stickers have been replaced by the photos in Instagram labeling the places.

Anyway, yes, we compete in miles with pilots and stewardesses, and every traveller who deserves it needs a trolley, of one size or another, a trolley to check in, a cabin trolley, as they have evolved as the means of transport and the travel styles we make have evolved. Usual.

There were famous luggage items, which over time have become lighter and cheaper pieces of material, as it was practically a wardrobe, a heavy drawer full of compartments.

I have always imagined myself entering a luxury hotel with the buttons chasing me through the lobby while pushing a whole tower of suitcases of different sizes of this prestigious French brand, all marked with my initials...

Branded trolleys

But you don't need to dream to personalize your treolley. And if we talk about marking and personalizing a trolley, that reminds us that that's what we're here for. A personalized trolley is a fantastic promotional product. It's a huge favor to the recipient, so if you were thinking of a great gift with your logo on it, look no further. In other categories we have told you about robbing cities and public transport with wallets and document holders, we have also told you that you can invade the beaches with refrigerators, inflatable lilos, personalised beach umbrellas and towels branded with your image... However, here we go further: we talk about conquering the world. There are no borders for your brand if you give away a trolley personalized with your company's logo: train stations, national and international airports, buses. Your mark going around the globe effortlessly. The branded trolley is valid both to thank your customers for their trust and loyalty and to brand your company using your employees. Your sales team will be visiting with the trolley, the executive committee, the strategic committee, the board of directors. From the first to the last uniformed, armed with this infallible merchandising tool.

The suitcases and trolleys can be personalized with vinyl, with serigraphic transfer, laser engraving if they have any decorative element of metal, you can manufacture them completely to measure: with the corporate color and logo, include the slogan. There are also fun accessories that can be sublimated with your brand image with elastic sleeves that are adaptable to the size of the trolley (suitable only for suitcases of a certain size and not suitable for trolleys). These covers also prevent damage to the case and are easy to wash.

Think well about the people in your team and the trips they make throughout the year, what type of trolley they carry, how many days they carry, and also think about the client's profile and their trips. For all of them we have suitcases: Notebook backpack, rigid suitcase, rigid pilot trolley, laptop trolley, etc.

Remember, travel bags are ideal as a corporate gift, as they will keep your employees happy and make a high impact promotional merchandise.

We have many models, many colors, many ways to personalize and you are very keen to ship your brand to the ends of the earth. send us your logo and we will send you a sketch!