Personalized hand fans

Personalized hand fans to fresh up your promotions

Promotional hand fan is a classic as a corporate gift for weddings and events. Your brand offering wellness to your customers. Ask us for a free visual with your logo and fresh up your brand with this splendid promotional product.

Promotional hand fans branded with your logo

One Thousand and One Nights or the thousand and one hand fans. The hand fan is a fashion accessory which was invented because there was no air conditioning. Noooo. It’s a joke, but it is close to reality. The hand fan may seem very Spanish but its origin is eastern, although it seems there was an Egyptian device which preceded it. All of them with a basic structure, but not all of them equally delicate in materials and design. Behind the hand fan there is a large history, language, symbolism and even legends. We would love to expand on this as all the universe of the hand fan is pleasantly interesting, but with an elegant flick of the wrist we will get new air to talk to you about the promotional hand fans.

Gifting personalized hand fans

There are so many types of hand fans that it would be almost impossible to not hit the mark with the ideal hand fan for a particular occasion. From the pai pai to the sandalwood hand fans. Let’s see some examples: cardboard hand fan from a political rally (as if we are not going to endure a soporific pack of lies); plastic and cloth hand fan perfect for days at the fair, flywheels and sticks; the pai pai to stand a beach day: the sandalwood hand fan for a wedding in August (yeah, yeah… your best friend will not do that to you, but your cousin has decided she is getting married in Seville, so you are going to melt at her wedding and the least she could gift you all is a personalized hand fan with the special date and the name of the lucky groom).

One maybe less frequent option would be to gift a personalized hand fan to the assistants of a conference. In those conferences that take place during summertime and where there is a very big audience it is impossible for the air conditioning to blow to everyone’s convenience. Usually, and we are talking from our own experience here, if you turn it up a lot, women will complain about cold and men will feel at ease. If we tone it down, then women will start feeling better and men’s armpits will begin to sweat. You will save the event’s organization a lot of headaches in accomplishing air regulation and you will do all attendees a favour by gifting them a cheap hand fan with the logo of the meeting or the company.

Hotels and restaurants can also find personalized hand fans as an alternative amenity and an advertising tool. Cheap hand fans, original hand fans, quality hand fans, elegant hand fans… For the most suffocatingly demanding guests and diners.

We want to make this the new art of seduction with a hand fan, because the seducer will not be the one waving the hand fan but the one gifting it. You will charm your users, clients, guests and participants.

Why buy promotional hand fans?

The hand fans are an example of the practical gifts we are always talking about. You want the gift to become an everyday use object for the one who receives it, because that way your brand will also be present on a daily basis in their life. The advertising hand fan is light, useful and it is easily taken in a bag, purse or backpack.

Also the hand fan can be personalized in different ways on the cloth or the sticks, with ink or a laser too adapting each technique to the style of the hand fan you have chosen.

Cheap personalized hand fans

It has strong foundations as a promotional product for merchandising strategy, we already know, and even then personalized hand fans are a cheap gift. The prices per item at RegaloEmpresas start off at 0,18€ for a pai pai, which is one of the most sold and most popular at Europe level.

Types of promotional hand fans

There are multiple types of hand fans and there are therefore multiple hand fans for advertising. All of them are cheap hand fans not at odds in quality or good taste.

There are wooden hand fans, bamboo hand fans, plastic hand fans, cardboard hand fans, paper hand fans and cloth hand fans. Colorful hand fans able to make a bull falls in love with the moon.

Choose an promotional hand fan to promote your brand or a token of a date.

Obtain your own personalized hand fans to promote your business! Contact us!

Why buy customized hand fans?

The personalized hand-fan is a practical idea that can be used in many fields: in corporate or private events, as a gift for wedding guests, in birthday parties or as an promotional item to support the marketing campaigns of companies. It is a practical product with good brand visibility and a very long life span. They are also widely used in political campaigns for use in rallies in an election year.

What kind of promotional hand fans are there?

You can choose a hand-fan or a pay-pay made of plastic or paper. The hand fans are available in different types of wood and also in plastic. The ecological trends have not gone unnoticed for promotional hand fans, and now you can buy ecological hand fans made of bamboo wood, recycled plastic hand fans, with organic cotton fabrics and other environmentally friendly options.

Can I print my logo on a hand fan?

The function of an advertising hand fan is to give relevance to a brand, so all the hand fans and pay-pay that we offer you in RegaloEmpresas can be personalized with a logo or a design. We can print on the whole surface of the hand-fan's fabric in full colour and also on its stick. You choose.

Can a hand fan be printed on both sides?

Usually the hand fans are printed on one side only, but we have models available that allow to be marked on both sides.

Can I print a logo on the box of the hand fan?

Yes, we can also personalize the box of the hand fans and create special packaging for original and impressive merchandise promotions.

Can I print different names on a hand fan?

By means of laser engraving we can print on the stick of the hand fans the different names of the workers of your company, the guests of a marriage, the members of an association or group of friends.

What is the manufacturing time of a personalized hand-fan?

You can receive your order of hand-fans in a period that varies between 7 and 15 days, depending on the quantity of fans you want to buy, the type of branding to be done and their final destination. If you need the hand fans for a specific date, you can consult us and we will try to satisfy the term you need.

Is it a good idea to give have fans as a gift for my wedding?

Yes, it is a safe choice. Many of the hand fans we sell are printed with the name of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding. Wedding hand-fans are one of the best selling items, because they help to create a happy atmosphere and can be used by guests beyond the wedding day. We already know that the high season for weddings starts in April and ends in October, which are very hot months and the guests suffer with the suits of jacket and makeup.