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Large doses of creativity in small promotional notebooks

Notebooks are a blank canvas; they can never be replaced by any electronic device. Their simplicity makes the classics fall in love with them. Hemingway and other artists came to elevate a brand of notebooks known to all nowadays. Choose the notebook you like the most, which we will personalise with your brand, for your clients' creative moments.

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Personalized notebooks will never go out of style as an excellent promotional product, even compared to more sophisticated corporate gifts.

Giving away personalised notebooks as part of your branding strategy, recognises the creative capacity of your clients and encourages them to remember your brand in its most creative moments.

That's why at RegaloEmpresas we have more than 200 models of promotional notebooks to print your logo and slogan look the way you like it.

We know that even though there are hundreds of gadgets to communicate with, a notebook will always be the best way to write and communicate with yourself.

Personalized notebooks as a promotional merchandise, a great hit that won't go out of style

Something that we love about branded notebooks is that they can be used by virtually any company, obviously by personalizing them appropriately.

Think about it, we all use notebooks at some point during the day, starting with the youngest at school, going through every office with businessmen and women. Until we get to all the homes, where Mom still keeps the phone numbers in notebooks.

For casual messages, write down directions, recipes, indications, remember details or even for the most creative, make poems or create drawings or comics.

Everyone uses notebooks sometime during the day or week, and that notebook could have your logo and slogan silkscreened!

Multiple types of promotional notebooks

At RegaloEmpresas, we know that you like to choose only the best, and that you like to have the most original promotional gifts for your customers. That's why we've developed more than 200 types of promotional printed notebooks, so that none of them look like your competition. And that it also reflects the values of your company.

We have very sophisticated notebooks such as the Bloc Power Bank Hoopel, which integrates an executive notebook with compartments for other accessories, including the mobile phone.

We also have very creative personalised notebooks, such as the Winlon Notebook. But how about you take a look at all of them?

You will find spiral or adhesive notebooks for the target audience you are looking for. We have children's, youth, ecological, creative, elegant, formal, serious and a little bit of everything.

Notebooks branded with your logo for everyone

One incredible thing about notebooks as a promotional item is that they are always well received by everyone, that is, who refuses a notebook?

You know that at any moment it could be useful, that's where the importance of giving away promotional notebooks as part of your marketing strategies lies.

Among our most sought-after products are personalised notebooks, with covers and sheets made from recycled material. The success of this product has been such that with only a few months of life it is already in our Top Ten of Sales.

Advantages of notebooks that you should know about:

  • They are cheap promotional gifts of great value and utility.
  • Any model is available in at least 14 vibrant colors.
  • Your brand will be present in your users' home, backpack or briefcase for a good period of time.

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