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When the last quarter of the year comes around, it's time to think about next year's branded diaries. These promotional gifts are a great aid to any worker's productivity and they are excellent executive gifts

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The end of summer has arrived and you will be leaving.... But for us, the end of summer is full of emotion, with a new school or professional year ahead of us in which the main gift is THE DIARY. For many of you, the 2023 diaries are a fundamental and necessary promotional product. You, who know a lot, have been asking us for quotations for personalised 2023 diaries for a couple of months now.

The diaries continue to be used as a giveaway product because of their great value as a working tool. We know of many cases of company workers who are eagerly awaiting the branded diaries given to them by their suppliers, and we also know of clients who have many ideas for personalising the diaries for their teams not only with the brand logo but also with inspiring phrases or with the names of each of their members.

I personally like A5 size diaries, Moleskine type hardcover diaries, with one day per page. However, there are 2023 diaries for all tastes: A6 size, with rings, with leather case, with monthly planner, with weekly view, monthly view...

Physical diaries, which can still afford to compete with digital diaries, are not only for romantics who want to carry them from home to the office and vice versa, but are also work tools that are still used by a large number of workers. Writing jobs to be done and crossing out completed tasks in a diary produces indescribable satisfaction. When I write by hand with a pen in my diary, I feel that I am giving much more importance and respect to that task, and it helps me to concentrate more on it. For me using my schedule is like a completely necessary ritual, I perform better and more orderly. For your customers or your employees I am sure it is also very important. Give them a branded 2023 diary with your logo, they'll thank you for it!

Do you guys keep your diaries from previous years? I confess I do. I love to archive my diaries and from time to time review what meetings I had, when I did a certain task or to discover and remember an anecdote I wrote down on any given day. It makes me very happy.

What options do I have to personalize a 2023 promotional diary?

These promotional items are easily personalizable. We can offer you a simple logo pad printing, with one or more colors. You can also choose a laser engraving on the cover of the diary. We also have more premium printing options, such as laser engraving your logo on a glued metal plate or printing your logo embossed, perfect for leather or patent leather diaries. This last option offers the result I like best.

Finally, I would like to tell you that if you want to buy personalized diaries with the names of each one of your employees, we can also do it for you. In this case, a laser engraving, on the cover or on a small sheet of metal, is ideal. You send us the list of names to which you want to give this gift of company, and we will personalize each one of the diaries with a name. Perfect to deliver at the company's Christmas lunch, don't you think?

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María Guerra | Key Account Manager

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16 years of experience in the hospitality and event management industry and 5 in promotional merchandise industry allow María speak with true awareness about branded gifts as she has experienced both roles: client and vendor. Her creativity and eye for detail ensure accuracy and originality as well as her capacity to find trend products with anticipation. Her proposals have become blindly trusted and are a must for her key account customers and are the inspiration source for anyone deciding on their next marketing campaign order. Her rea ability is public relations. You want to meet her!

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