Teddy bears

Your logo on the T-Shirt of a smooth promotional teddy bear

Can you imagine the impact a gift can have on your customers' children? You've hit a nerve. A plush toy with your logo in the hands of a happy father who wants to come home and see his son's smile, can you imagine donating teddy bears to a children's foundation? Promotional items as tender as this will be the ones that touch you.

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The personalized teddy bears are incredible allies in marketing strategies for family, children and couples.

Can you imagine a teddy bear with your logo on it? You can choose from almost 30 different models of personalized teddy bears for your company.

All kinds of companies have had teddy bears personalized with their logo, and when we say all kinds, believe us, empires like Coca-Cola and TAGHeur, have used them successfully.

Put your logo and/or slogan on a nice teddy bear and take your brand home, positioning yourself in the Top of Mind of your clients' families.

Personalized teddy bears, lovely promotional gifts

If what you are looking for is to give a close, friendly and different experience to your clients and target audience, gift them your personalized teddy bears with your logo.

What better way to associate your brand with noble and pleasant feelings and emotions than by giving your users promotional teddy bears. Giving promotional products to your users, that they can use for their children or partners, is a great detail and generates memories in your customers.

In RegaloEmpresas we have 26 different models of charming teddy bears, which you can choose multicolored or in one of the other eight available colors.

Imagine a curious teddy bear that represents your company's values with corporate colors, passive advertising for as long as they keep the teddy bear!

Cheap personalized teddy bears branded with your logo

We take care of getting the best prices in the market, to offer you high quality printed teddy bears at low costs.

We offer you personalized teddy bears with your logo and the color you choose with a ridiculous price, from less than 2 €, you can also find other models for less than 10 euros.

Imagine the face of your target audience when you receive a fully personalized teddy bear, it's a lovely gift for kids and not so kids. Rest assured that if you choose this type of product you will reach the most intimate fiber of your customers and you will make them smile.

Considering the lifetime of a promotional teddy bear, you could say that they are actually the cheapest promotional merchandise there are.

Do you want a free quote? Or do you want to see a free mock-up with your logo? Send us your logo!

Promotional teddy bears for all occasions

Personalized teddy bears are among the favourite dolls of our customers' users, perhaps they can also be among yours.

In RegaloEmpresas we think that a teddy bear is always a good detail, especially coming from a company.

We have bears, dogs, reindeer, ducks, lions, monkeys, hippos, mice and even clowns, in different colors depending on the model.

But that's not all, we have some special teddy bears with blankets, which do not exceed 10 euros per piece, but they will exceed the expectations of your customers and users.

You can use them for any occasion, the promotional teddy bears adopt the personality of the brand, what do you want them to transmit?

Advantages of promotional teddy bears for your company

  • The main thing to highlight is its durability and therefore, the life time that can make passive advertising in the home of your customers.
  • They are adorable and allow them to associate your brand with noble feelings and emotions and develop familiarity and confidence with the brand.
  • You can use them for all kinds of advertising events, product or service activations, trivia, graduations or as party favors.