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These pens are used to handle capacitive screens or more commonly known as touch screens. The pens with tactile pointer are the conventional ballpoint pen that has evolved and adapted to the devices we use today, put your logo on it and evolve yourself too!

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Pens with tactile pointer and phone stylus

The tactile pointer! A great invention and a marvel of promotional gadget. Our favorite is the phone stylus pen. The 2 in 1 that can not be missing in the kit of a speaker, in the document holder of the most aggressive commercial or in the bag of the best executive in the city. Its usefulness lies in the rubber finish that replaces our exhausted fingers. With a phone stylus we can move through the menus of our mobile phones, chat with our friends, play games, work, and ultimately, operate the mobile as we do with our fingers. You'll get used to it quickly, and soon you'll feel so comfortable with a touch pen that you'll miss it when you don't have it handy.

Today's mobile phones are so powerful that sometimes, with intensive use or in hot weather, they can get so hot that using them becomes uncomfortable. A hot screen is very unpleasant. With a tactile pointer for capacitive screens you will always have a pleasant user experience.

Pens with touch pointer personalized as a promotional product

With all that I have said before, opting for an promotional phone stylus as merchandise is a perfect choice. I don't know anyone in my environment who doesn't use a modern mobile phone, not even one person! So, if you buy a personalized phone stylus as a corporate gift, any customer who receives it will use it, or maybe not use it, this is already a personal decision, but what is certain is that you have at least given it to the right person. Because it's a useful promotional product, your customer will most likely choose to give it to someone close to them if they don't use it. The result will be the same. Someone with a mobile phone will always be able to use your personalized tactile pointer with your logo and will accompany you most of the time when you are using their mobile phone.

What different models of promotional tactile pointers are available?

You can choose between ambivalent pens with tactile ointers, always made of plastic or metal, perfect for giving away at congresses. There are also tactile keyring pointers, very practical to carry around without forgetting them. On the other hand we have the promotional stylus, similar to a pen but without that function.

These giveaways are elegantly personalized to engrave your logo on them. Giving it to your customers is a great idea.

All the touch screen pointers you'll find at RegaloEmpresas can be personalized with your logo, color or laser engraved, so you'll receive your phone stylus as an promotional gimmick in just a few days.

Remember to send us your logo when requesting a quote for the tactile pointers you like best. Soon we will send you a sketch with all of them, so that you are always sure of your choice.