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The apron has been enjoying a second youth for some years, because it has been accompanied by the media boom of gastronomy and chefs. We have original aprons, cheap ones, aprons made of different materials and qualities, customizable to be a perfect corporate gift.

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The apron had its ritualistic moment in history accompanying ideas of Freemasonry. It was a Masonic garment with special meaning as well as doing what it had to do: protecting in the tough tasks. Come on, that's the apron that we all know, but they were organized by colors within the hierarchy of this organization.

There are also the shoemaker's aprons, which are usually harder than the conventional ones we use at home. The cobbler's were made at first from sheepskin, but then it was enough to make them from a strong textile.

Today, some of us have seen them before they fell into crisis and almost disappeared from their homes, they have risen from the ashes. The apron was used at home to avoid staining clothes and having to wash them. That's it. People didn't have 20 Zara dresses in the closet before, much less a washing machine to work with. In the old days, it was hand washed, the humblest of the poor had few cloths to wear and the apron was their super protective gear.

Today, the apron is once again on the floor. Media chefs such as Arguiñano in Spain, Gert de Mangeleer in Belgium, Oliver in the UK and the rest of the world, among others, have worn aprons on television. In addition to spreading the love for the kitchen to everyone and wanting to rise with three Michelin stars in the kitchen at home. It's good to receive friends at home, take them out for a little wine in the kitchen while you prepare dinner and they give you a talk. Very cool, huh?

Advertising aprons, a promotional product for the most cooks or the handyman

Well, I've told you all this, what we want to give you to understand is that buying aprons as a promotional merchandise is a good idea.

In RegaloEmpresas we have several models of screen-printed aprons, each one suitable for an occasion or profile. Apart from their function between pots and pans, aprons for cooks, we have also mentioned aprons for waiters, but we cannot forget the aprons for drawing. We already know where the coloring wax can go, don't we?

The catalog has almost 50 different models of this gift that always comes in handy. Among these different models we also have an apron with tools for the barbecue, chef's apron, cowboy apron, drawing apron, children's apron, laminated apron, waiters' apron...

What I like most about the personalized apron is that it is very affordable. And although we also have some models with a higher price range for their quality and originality, their modest price allows you to complete the promotional product with a chef's hat or a matching mitt.

In any case, you can customize it with your logo and turn it into a delicacy for the recipient.