Custom Printed Water Bottle Iskan
Custom Printed Water Bottle Iskan
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The 7 secrets of corporate gifts

They are like the Gremlins... There are many company gifts without needing to wet them though

RegaloEmpresas has got more than 8.000 varied promotional items in the web. All of them are promotional gifts customizable with your logo and ready to surprise your customers. Does it seem like little variety to you? To us too, that's why we have many other suppliers to broaden the possibilities you are looking for.

An advertising item is useful

Like any other ways of promotion, business gifts are useful objects which in this case carry the logo of your company. Useful for you, to promote your business and ... Yes. They may be less useful to those who receive them or not.

Printed merchandise attract attention and communicate an advertising message. The design of the promotional product and the choice of the advertising product should be based on the message to be transmitted and the situation in which it will transmit that message. It starts by being consistent with the image of your company and it ends being identified with the image of your client.

Promotional gift never goes alone

For you to choose the right promotional company gift and the most useful for who receives it, and thus be able to take the opposite of what we have mentioned in Secret number 2, we offer a complete service. We advise you on choosing the promotional item, the most convenient imprint technique and even on the best way to make it arrive on time in the destination you prefer. At RegaloEmpresas we are happy helping you make the decision of the advertising article that suits your business and your situation and we also love adding our creative insanity to the process. We take care of the whole process until you get your order with the promotional gift you've been imagining. And we will love to know the impression of those who receive this advertising gift. Your feedback is vital to us.

Our logo business gifts are addicted to Social Networks

We like social networks a lot. Another format of non-conventional media that also keeps us abreast of what our colleagues in the industry and the trends of our customers. It helps us to expose ourselves and we use them to expose you too, so if you want to take advantage of the massive reach we are talking about, publish the promotional gift you requested with your logo on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts. This way, we nurture some brands of others and vice versa. Advertising articles converted into viral message instantly and free of charge. Do you want to play with us?

Personalized gifts have massive reach

Your brand on a promotional gift can take you around the world. Think only of the pen that you find in a hotel room, that goes with you in your briefcase to the airport and arrives home with the same delay as you and then it’s left on the kitchen table and falls from the table to the bag of a member of your family to make the shopping list or to take some notes while commuting... There is no end. It is another advertising media and works like the most. Promotional gifts are another format within the media. Fortunately it is within the so-called non-conventional, more concretely in the group of merchandising. That's where your originality begins.

Advertising gifts can be made exclusively

In case you are looking for something very exclusive and with a design entirely yours, we can make it imported. We have the most experienced collaborators in the production of promotional products that can make your promotional gift come true. Don’t be shy and ask us about manufacturing and direct import.

Green area. They’re the advertising articles for eco companies

We have a section of advertising articles absolutely respectful with our planet. The eco range contains a wide variety of promotional gifts made with materials such as cork, bamboo, 100% cotton, recycled PET, craft paper. The perfect solution if you are a company with conscience.