Custom Printed Water Bottle Iskan
Custom Printed Water Bottle Iskan
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Promotional products Europe

Are you going to participate in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona or any other European terrirory event and need a promotional gift supplier in Europe? In RegaloEmpresas we take care of everything for you. We help you to choose the perfect promotional items for you, we personalize them and we commit ourselves to deliver them on time at the exhibition area, at your event or at the hotel you specify. Feel the peace of mind of having an experienced promotional items partner in Europe and thousands of satisfied customers so that you only have to take care of making your event a success.

If you are looking for top-selling promotional items in our website you may find personal care items, conference portfolios, power banks, virtual reality glasses, table calendars, fans, beach balls, sunglasses, caps, agendas or fridge bags among many others. To make your search of promotional products easier, you can do it either by color, by category, by top-selling products, by departments.

Whatever your budget is, there will always be a convenient option for you. In RegaloEmpresas we are absolutely able to offer you personal attention and make you feel confident.

Call us, find your corporate gift within our on-line catalogue and fill up the budget petition, write us through our chat, send us an e-mail or make us go visit you! It will be a great pleasure to plan together your move.

How to pick my promotional item?

Picking a promotional item can turn hard and overwhelming. Deciding what the ideal gift could take more time than you can afford, so it is necessary to rely on a team like ours, to advise you and to assist you with making the right selection. In this case, when it comes to corporate gifts or promotional products for your brand, make of it an experience for you customers, so they can store a memory of well-being.

This type of promotional products helps to keep your customer attached to your company, to your brands, to your service or product, in a way that stands out with the conventional advertising methods. Moving in this versatility when it comes to making yourself known and taking care of your contact base is a great competitive advantage in the business world.

Personalised gifts

Possible gifts, there are many, anything that comes into your mind is a very good candidate to become a cpromotional product and in the moment to personalize it with your logo we can apply several technologies:

  • Screen Printing
    This type of technique made by a human hand is highly used in our works. It is possible to make use of it in a lot of items such as T-shirts, hats, beauty bags and many others. The screen printing is very ancient and it has been able to transcend over time despite other innovative methods that have emerged. If you want to apply this technique in your corporate gifts, we will make sure that you won’t regret it. We screen print backpacks, t-shirts, umbrellas, water bottles, bags, fans, hats, conference bags and a lot more.
  • Digital Printing
    This printing is an updated technique despite its traditional story. The difference of this technique from the previous one is that it doesn’t need a photolytic use and for more benefit it doesn’t count with a limit of colors that can be used. In this case, it is used those printers on which we inject the color in order to print over the cotton material like work clothing, sweatpants or sweatshirts.
  • Embroidery
    The most elegant to be applied on fabrics. The embroidering technique can offer one of the best outcomes in the finishing and durability, and it’s highly recommended. Your promotional products with the embroidered logo will be a treasure. To quote your budget based on embroidery we need to see the logo to appraise the number of stitches required. The more length and details, the more stitches. The articles that can be embroidered in our company are many, among which we can name: t-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, backpacks, reflective vests, polos, shirts, towels, pants and vests.
  • Pad printing
    It is without any doubts the most used technique in the world. It consists in the printing of your company logo on products of small size such as pens, key rings, calculators, notebooks, power banks, sunglasses, lighters, etc., made through a seal or pad.
  • Transfer
    The design you want is printed on a piece of paper and then placed on the fabric. This offers a great advantage: there is no color limit. With this method it is possible to personalize hats, toiletry bags, shopping bags, t-shirts, umbrellas and many other gifts. A whole explosion of color to make your brand as flashy as possible.
  • Laser
    The laser is one of those techniques whose entrance supposed the opening to a new world of possibilities in the personalization of gifts. The laser is perfect for metal and glass as well as wood objects, but this technology has evolved so much that it is possible to print the unimaginable. It offers an incomparable finish, and is a method that guarantees that your promotional product will be elegant in the eyes of your customers. Among the products that we can engrave in laser for you we have pens, diaries, pen drives, metal key rings, notebooks,...
  • UV Printing
    If you’re looking for something more innovative and modern, this is your technique. The ink is printed through ultraviolet light. And it is relevant to mention that this method can be used in a lot of materials: plastic, wood, ceramic and metal.
  • Thermal-printing
    If we could talk about old techniques, the thermal-printing it’s without a doubt one of the oldest and most recommended printing techniques. The thermal-printing or hot-stamp for your promotional products is a dry stamping method and it confers a touch of glamour to leather items, thanks to the soft relief that your logo will have.

What types of gifts can we personalize for your company?

If you want to take full advantage of the wide variety of options that are at your fingertips to make your promotional products in any city within Europe or any, then do not wait any longer and request our services and choose among an enormous pile of cheap and fantastic gifts so that your customers are totally satisfied and committed to your company. In our hands is the possibility of personalizing for you gifts such as hats, shirts, sweatshirts, key chains, badges, cups, jackets, cotton bags, pens, pen drives, USB cards, diaries, notebooks and many other articles.

What promotional products do we have for you?

RegaloEmpresas is a consolidated business. We have almost a decade of service behind us, an enthusiastic sales and customer service team, as well as trusted suppliers and collaborators, capacity to advise you, guide you among our thousands of items and innovate to guarantee you the best choice. Get yourself familiar with the promotional products and start to feel the inspiration.

  • USB cards
    The USB transformed the way of carrying data in the 1999s and since then until now, it has given us enough time to see them with more capacity, with different connectivity, several colors and to collect them or lose them in the drawers of our houses and offices. It is not quite sure who invented it but it is clear that this corporate gift has turned into one of the most requested. This is thanks to the USB memories with great functionality, versatility, and easy spotting. This kind of device is without any doubt one of the best options that can be selected to make a present.
  • Conference Bags
    If you are one of those companies, institutions or events planner that can feel stressed with the craziness of organizing an event and you wish to find the ideal detail for the attendees, what you’re looking for, among other things, is the famous congress bag. They can be customized, they are useful for the students and they are very useful for the planners, they are useful for attendees. But from the meeting planner point of view, you can easily give them with during the check-in from the welcome desk and you can also place inside other giveaways such as pens and notebooks. Everything ordered and controlled. The congress bags are apparently conventional and not so innovative as a personalised gift, but they will always be handy and there are options for all tastes. You will not only find the conference bag in polyester and black color but in every color, every shape and size (shoulder strap bag, suitcase, suitcase for laptops) and materials, including the natural ones that allow you to do ecologic merchandising. The environmental commitment of the companies is right now a requirement and the green image is essential.
  • Promotional watches
    Since the man is man, the time plays an important role either way if it’s with him or against him. If we were today on TV contest, we would ask you to answer the next question: what are the promotional watches that you can find in RegaloEmpresas? Tic, toc, tic, toc… We have smart watches, watches for men, watches for women, sports watches, nightstand watches, and watches for your pockets, sand watches, and chronometers. We would tell you that we also have branded watches and original watches, such as the pot clock! All of them are a fantastic option to give as a gift to your employees, your clients, your guests with the logo or a commemorative date for example.
  • Promotional pens
    The Hungarian inventor Ladislao Biro is the father of this daily and famous item. Like every other new device, it was born as a luxury for most people. Nowadays it is one of the top promotional products and you can find it only as of 0,05€. Being that price our starting point we can pick plastic pens but you can choose between promotional wood pens, designing pens, biodegradable pens, pens for kids, multicolor pens, pens of high recognized brands, multi-functional pens, pens to hang, metal pens, fountain pens, rollers, pens with complements, and pens set. Let us help you to pick one before you start nibbling a pen. Your cheap pen, your personalized pen.

Other promotional products

This has just begun. The variety of personalized gifts that you can give is huge. HUUUUUGE. We focus many times on the corporative gifts and we forget about the promotional products that can be just commemorative, with a special date (your wedding, your parents anniversary, a birthday), an only image of you (baptisms and communions) or a charity gift that can show the name of the organization which is donating it. Any idea that comes out of your mind is feasible.

Corporate gifts

With a corporative gift you can have the public’s attention, of those who you deliver the personalized product with your brand. The promotional product are based in a large diversity and effectiveness if they are correctly chosen according to several factors (who are you giving it to, what are you giving and what the budget is). In RegaloEmpresas, using our experience, our reasonable thought and the updated information about the several business sectors just like the trends in merchandising, we want to help you give the first steps of your selection:

How to pick the ideal promotional claim for your company?

With the advertising we intend to communicate, but the principal objective is to increase the selling of our product or to improve the image of the brand. There are several factors that you have to keep in mind in order to choose the right promotional product for your campaign:

  • Get to know your customer
    You don’t know what kind of customers you have? Do you have any doubts about how to pick a corporate gift? The main questions are:
    • Is my client a male or a female?
    • What are the ages of my customers?
    • What kind of tastes do they have?
    • Where do they live?
    • What is their purchasing level?

    The fact of dedicating time to make an analysis of your customers is essential so that your selection of a corporate gift can be a success.

  • Offer a useful product
    Your corporate gift needs to be someway related with you brand image, the objective of your campaign and needs of your users or customers.
  • Originality and coherence
    To be authentic is without a doubt something that will make you stand out from others. To look for a useful corporative gift, as we told you in the previous section, doesn’t have anything to do with original corporative gifts. Do not be afraid to innovate, just keep a coherent line between what your brands represents, the image that you want to project and the tastes of your clients, adapting to the context. Where it will be delivered also affects in what you deliver it with.

Promotional items

Promotional items have existed since the times of the Ancient Egypt, where people used them to buy favors from monarchs or important politicians. Later on the history, the practice became a commercial technique, matching with the industrial development era. In 1904 twelve business gifts manufacturers formed a group to found the first commercial association of this industry, known as PPAI, in their international organization, and in 1953 FYVAR it’s created, which it’s equal in Spanish. From the mid of the XX century, the growing of promotional items is exponential and the companies admit the utility and the benefits obtained.

Who are the promotional items given to?

There are thousands of options in our catalogues and our website; all of them can be obtained on request and we will offer you the price scaling, taking into account the printing technique (pad printing, laser printing, domed resin), quantity, deadline and final destinations. We will put the personalized corporative gift in the hands of who you wish:

  • Intermediaries for the companies
  • Professionals to advertise the brand
  • Famous people and some opinion leaders
  • Current customers of the company
  • Potential customers

The Top 5 promotional items

Even in the promotional items there’s a tough race to be in the top 5. In the case of RegaloEmpresas, the safari hat, the pocket lantern, the bib, or the manicure set haven’t reach the podium. In our case, the competition is tough it’s because there are so many items, the most popular ones you will see it in the next section:

  • Personalized pens
    What can we add to what we have mentioned about them in the previous sections? This promotional item has turned into one of the best resources for the promotion of brands. The best worldwide corporative gift. It is very economical and practical.
  • Cloth Bags
    Where are all those drawers that you fill up with plastic bags? There wasn’t any kitchen that didn’t have a bunch of plastic bags which were finally used for the trashcan, to carry the breakfast for school, to put inside the pair of shoes and then inside of a suitcase when traveling or the sport bag when going to the gym. Nowadays, the plastic bags are not admired because of the pollution that they help to generate, they are paid in addition to your shopping even though they are made in recycled plastic. But the trend is to use a cotton bag or a non-woven bag. These are one of those promotional items that flourishes in sizes, colors, shapes, etc. These are always personalized and the people who received them always appreciate it.
  • Personalized T-shirts
    There is another promotional item for the person who gives it and the person who receives it. The T-shirt is useful; it has a long life and several options for the printing. There are long sleeves T-shirts, short sleeves T-shirt, T-shirts with round neck, T-shirt with v neck, women T-shirt, men T-shirt, and technical T-shirts. The last T-shirts we mentioned deserve a special treat as nowadays we practice more sports every time and we participate in more sports events (races, marathons, competitions, and pedaling) in which our sponsors show their brand with joy. These shirts by lightness and perspiration offer the needing comfort at the moment of doing physical exercise. They are personalized and they can turn into a magnificent showcase for your logo.
  • Personalized Key chains
    This is another classic. They key chains are an efficient mode to sponsor your company by offering it as a corporate gift to your customers. In some way they relate a lot to the utility of the pens and in the same way they represent a very economical shape. In RegaloEmpresas we calculate to have 600 different models among which you will find: key light, metal key chain, key chain bag, plastic key chain, coin key chain, leather key chain, multi-use key chain.
  • Notebooks and booklets
    The notebooks are a great idea when you want your brand to be recognized and to offer at the same time a useful item to customers and/or also to members of your team. The booklet is a practical promotional product. It is practical not just to write down some ideas or tasks but also it forces us to handwrite, which is something really against the digital technology. Such a romantic habit. Isn’t romantic the idea of handwriting?

Promotional merchandise

The merchandising is a commercial technique, the group for sponsorship of products to promote a brand. The promotional merchandise or the advertising claims are another used activity as merchandising. The companies relay to the corporative gifts to catch new clients and buyers, they try to catch the attention from the buyers with innovative and outstanding merchandising products but that stick to a budget. We are the specialists more qualified in merchandising for companies, merchandising for events, cheap merchandising and original merchandising.

  • How do I request the merchandising service for companies?
    This is pretty simple. You can contact us through the phone, the e-mail, our web page and even WhatsApp. It is our pleasure to advise you and send you an estimated cost. If you need physical catalogs, samples, or organize a meeting with any member of our team, we are at your disposal. We count with more than 9.000 promotional products at the best prices.
  • How can I make an order?
    Once you have found the product that you want, please let us know within the form or e-mail how many units you need and if you want us to print your logo or advertising message on it. It will also help us to know the final destination of the goods so we can provide you with an accurate quotation including shipping expenses. Upon these details, we will build a proposal and we will inform further about conditions to formalize the order and other aspects of your request. All of our products can be personalized. Choose freely and we will indicate to you what printing technique for your promotional merchandise is the most appropriate. If you don’t find cheap gifts that fit to your budget or idea, do not hesitate to chat with us directly so that we can give you all the alternative.
  • How long it will take to receive my order?
    This could vary by several factors: to those promotional products that are not personalized, the delivery time once confirmed will go from the 24 to 4-5 days. In the other hand, if you apply for corporate gifts that need to be personalized it will have a delivery time between 5 to 20 days since the moment that you have confirmed your purchase.
  • Do you guys have an express printing service and delivery?
    If you have a specific delivery date and your event it’s getting imminently closer, there are several express printing services options and express delivery so that your personalized promotional merchandise can be in your hands whenever you need. Ask us for more information about this service.
  • What guarantees do I have?
    We are professionals. We are formal. We are the best in customer service. We like fast answers, we like relationships built in trust and we take responsibilities. Nothing else to be added. Try us!