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Enjoy the variety of personalizable promotional pen pots and pen holders that you will find in RegaloEmpresas. Decorate your clients' desks with pen holders with your logo and have them fill them with colorful pencils and pens and highlighters.

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If you follow these texts where we describe the different types of promotional products we offer you in RegaloEmpresas, you will have noticed that the people who write them sometimes evoke the memories that a certain product left us marked in our childhood.

Well, today I am going to confess that every time I see a pen holder on a desk I remember the first one I had as a child. It's no feat, I know, but my first pencil was made by myself using a can opener to take out the size of a can of Coca-Cola, and so as not to cut myself by using it, I lined the cut edge with several layers of adhesive tape.

As you get older you realize that it was indeed an invention that many other children had thought of, but to finish it and fill it with pencils, pens, erasers and pencil sharpeners, and contemplate how it looked elegant on your first desk, left me with an unforgettable sensation.

Types of promotional pen ports

You may have noticed that if you choose a promotional pen holder personalized with your logo, you will have many original options to choose from. You have metal pen pots, plastic, with digital or analog clock, shaped like a garbage can, pen holder with light, pens with photographs and pens for children among others. Remember that we can also make for you pen pot with calendar, and this is a great idea, because its price is adjusted and you have the excuse to renew each year the model and take advantage to make some commercial action with your client.

All pen pots usually have different colors to fit your corporate colors. We want to make for you a giveaway product that follows the graphic line of your company, and for this we will help you choose the best location and the best printing technique for your logo on the branded pen holders. It may be essential to print your logo in full color to look in all its splendor, or maybe we recommend laser engraving to achieve an elegant finish.

I would like to remind you that if you plan to buy a good amount of personalisable pencil holders, a few thousand, for example, we will offer you the possibility of making a special manufacture just for you. With this you will benefit from an unbeatable price with full guarantee by RegaloEmpresas. These special purchases asked for a delivery time of about 80 or 90 days, but it is worth planning your advertising campaign with foresight because I assure you will be surprised how much money you can save on promotional items.

Try and ask us for a quote for personalization of pen pots or any other promotional product with stock in Europe and the same amount making it especially for you.

In RegaloEmpresas we believe in our slogan. We want to be your partner for the promotional products and we put everything on our side day by day so that you feel it when you trust us.