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A magnifying glass with your logo printed on it so you don't miss the fine print

Branded magnifying glasses can be a great promotional product. A magnifying glass may seem to have limited use, but it can be a great idea to unleash creativity in marketing campaigns. Search for hidden text, burn paper in sunlight, Instagram campaigns of pictures with giant eyes, etc.

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Follow the clues to your success with a personalized magnifying glass branded with your company logo

I was telling you above. What's a magnifying glass good for these days? You are not a philatelist, you have long since stopped playing with miniature figures, you have not yet finished your career as a private detective (P.I.).... You ask yourself, in what parallel universe would you need to get some promotional magnifiers to promote your business? The answer is: Marketing.

In other texts that you will find on this page about the type of corporate gifts that we offer at RegaloEmpresas, you will find that we always highlight that utility and durability are basic ingredients that any promotional item should have in order to fulfill its mission in an optimal way. In this case I am going to defend not the usefulness of the product itself, but rather the usefulness of an original merchandise campaign.

Imagine this idea and see if it might fit to promote your company. Instagram, that social network that is growing month after month in a sustained way, more than any other social network, where a successful advertising campaign together with a good hashtag can bring you a lot of audience. You buy promotional magnifying glasses printed with your logo (from us, of course) and the hashtag of your campaign. You hand out the magnifying glasses to your loyal or potential customers and organize a contest with a tempting gift in which your customers have to upload an original photograph playing with the magnifying glass, with your magnifying glass. Have them follow you, tag your photo with your account and your hashtag and mention a friend. The result is unpredictable, no one knows, but there have been more crazy campaigns than this one that I'm telling you have been incredibly successful, to the point of becoming a viral campaign. Bingo!

Looking at it this way, this magnifying glass personalized with your logo and during your campaign can become the best marketing action. Some day he's going to overtake the current one, don't you think?

What type of branded magnifying glasses can I choose from?

Currently in the catalogue we have at your disposal mainly the ordinary magnifying glasses and the curious linen testers. I'm not gonna expose your magnifying glass now. We have all played with a magnifying glass as children, using the Sun to burn paper and other less confessed tricks. On very few occasions have we used a magnifying glass for this purpose.

What was the purpose of the magnifier linen tester, and what are they still used for? This we know or deduce from his own name. These stitch counter magnifiers are used to count the threads of a piece of fabric. But did you know that this type of magnifying glass is the most widely used in graphic arts? It is used to count pixels in photography and printing. And nowadays life is graphic, life is digital, without pixels there is no conversation that is worth, therefore.... Imagine yourself and multiply agencies and printers, graphic designers and photographers by linen tester magnifiers - how many visualizations would your logo have? A real rara-avis, an promotional magnifying glass that will leave your more specialized customers with their eyes like plates.

You won't be able to say we're a boring promotional products company :-)