Promotional Sticky Notes

Personalised color adhesive notes with your logo

Adhesive notes and sticky notes are one of the inventions that have most helped creativity and romance in the office. Seeing a pile of different colored sticky notes is like having the rainbow in your office, and they are used a lot! Turn these cheerful little papers into corporate gifts by printing your logo on them.

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I want to tell you something about the personalized sticky notes as a promotional item

The truth is that I now understand why the inventors of the Post-It (3M trademark) took so many honors. It is said that the best inventions are created by mistake, and this has been one of them. Investigating a little about the history of these famous and useful self-adhesive notes I found many curiosities, and one of them is that it was commented that at first the color chosen had been yellow, since it was proven that this color apart from contrasting with the white of a blackboard or a leaf had an emotional effect that generated a connection with the user. Then it finally became known that in the rehearsals they needed a type of paper that was lent to them to do the tests by their laboratory neighbors and it happened to be yellow.

Finally these nice adhesive labels of this color were born and became so popular, and as a fact you should know that today is the top 5 of the list of supplies in offices worldwide.

Our personalized sticky notes will give your office something to talk about

You can find them here in different colours and formats with an improved and more creative version since their definitive appearance in the 80s! Wow, what a memory of the 80's! How many things the 80's movement has left us! Also the post it

In my opinion, sticky notes is another promotional gift that people in the office are so grateful for because it makes them useful, and that has value for you. It's perfect for giving your brand that creative character, and you can also transform these small stickers by personalizing them with your logo.

You can also opt for this personalized promotional gift with the branded sticky notebooks, those that last so long and look so good on our desk. Or sticky colored flags to use as markers in diaries separating the urgent vs. the important by colors.

In RegaloEmpresas you can find these self-adhesive labels in different colors.

And on a personal note, I'm amazed at the ones with intense shapes and colors. I don't know if it happens to you, but they are so cool that it's hard for me to spend them, and I try to use them for very important things! I have one in my house in fuchsia heart format, which every time I take it off it has to be for a special message and I say to myself: Yes, it is being used with full consciousness.

Personalized colored sticky notes as a sticky form of communication

We already know that we are in the wonderful digital world that gives us so much in everyday life and pushes us to be very creative and analytical, but what do you think of those messages written on a piece of self-adhesive paper? Or what we all know as post it.

Sticky notes give us the great opportunity to communicate in a way that, wherever you look, attract attention.

I love to write messages or phrases with a pen in these sticky notes, because they are ways of arousing emotions. With a simple meaningful phrase in a post it you can change someone's day.

This communication tool gives that feeling of closeness, of being present, and how good it makes us feel when we find a surprise note of a post it stuck in our computer, right? Just a simple happy face giving encouragement, birthday congratulations or a "Good Job" from your boss.

From helping to memorize to drawing those super ideas in meetings or trainings. These personalisable self-adhesive sticky notes are very useful at work because they help us with everything.

In short, the benefits of colored sticky notes are endless:

They help inspire, change or change your day with a simple note, be more productive, express your ideas, and never forget to return a call!