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Advertising lighters are one of the most traditional corporate gifts. They are practical, versatile for use at home or at work and low cost. That is why they are a fantastic choice as an promotional item.

From the beginning of the promotional gift, the advertising lighter is the main character

The first lighter we know of to produce a flame dates from 1823. Invented by the chemist Johann Dobereiner, it's an item that's never really gone out of fashion. Its promotional nature has been around for more than a century, and it was one of the first articles used as an advertising tool.

It is undeniable that these products are one of the stars par excellence of promotional gifts for smokers: the lighter.

It is true that it is very easy to find lighters in any home, and it is also common for them to be a lighter personalized with the details of a local bar or business. A customized lighter can be useful beyond cigarettes. Lighting fireplaces or gas stoves are perhaps the most common uses of a lighter for advertising, although it can also be helpful to take a lighter with you when you go camping.

Whether you are a smoker or not, if a company gives you a promotional lighter as a giveaway item, you are sure to accept it gladly and keep it with care so that you can use it at the right time.

A promotional lighter catalogue is usually a reflection of the lighters that can be found at the retailer. We have a version of the American lighter with an unbeatable personality, the personalized zippo-style lighter. If you ask us to make a free mock-up with your logo laser engraved, you will not be able to resist to get it to give to your customers.

In addition, the surface of the lighter offers a very good visibility for the logo or image of any company or business. They are personalized in all its surface, even in both sides, achieving a visual range that is multiplied as it is an everyday item and it is used daily at home, being therefore a magnificent promotional item in fairs, festivals, company events, etc.

The cheapest promotional lighter is without doubt the classic lighter. You know what it is, the one we used to try to light when we were little, but it was so complicated! Its mechanism is formed by a wheel that starts the spark and a button that lets the gas out. It is available in mini sizes and also in XL, being a perfect giant advertising lighter. If this lighter is still uncomfortable for you, you can also get the electronic stone lighters, without wheel, only with button.

You will find all these customizable lighters in many colors, and also opaque or translucent. We have Cricket lighters, Minicricket lighters in round or rectangular and also custom clipper lighters. A variety of models of personalized lighters to light your brand and promote your services through advertising lighters as promotional gifts. Don't you think it's a great idea?

Some of our promotional lighters can be refilled with butane gas. The "Zippo-like" models are refillable with lighter fuel. This means you can hold onto the lighter for longer, refilling it as you deplete it, and making it more of an ECO-friendly alternative.

Yes, you can print your logo on both sides. We also offer full-colour printing for the plastic models. Choose a model that works best for your promotional needs!

Yes, we highly recommend that if you are trying to promote your business, you should purchase these lighters in bulk as we offer bulk discounts to make it more affordable. Then you could use them as giveaway products or free promotional material to expand your business presence.

Businesses including bars, pubs, clubs, restaurants, tobacco companies, private smokers lounges, candle shops, survivalist brands, and more can promote their business using these practical lighters. Add your branding and make it your own with our customisation services.

There's no recharging involved with these lighters, thank goodness! They can last for an eternity, though, as long as you keep filling it up with new gas/fuel and properly maintain it.

We can have your lighters customized within 24 to 72 hours, depending on the volume of your purchase. Your order of printed lighters will be delivered as quickly as you need.

Yes, thanks to our digital UV printers we can print the photo you want on our advertising lighters. Unlike pad printing, which only supports solid colors, digital printing allows us to customize lighters with photographic quality. The only thing you have to take into account is that the photograph must be adapted to the rectangular area of the lighter.

Thanks to special primers to ensure that the dye adheres properly to metal surfaces, we will be able to create your personalised Zippo or American-style lighters with a colour photograph.