Branded promotional lighters

Spark your ideas with a personalised lighter

Lighters are one of the most traditional corporate gifts. Their practical nature, their versatility in everyday life at home or at work and their low cost are just some of the aspects that affect your choice as a promotional item

Lighters, hottest items

From the beginning of the promotional products, the lighter is the protagonist.

The first lighter we've heard of to produce a flame dates from 1823. Invention of the chemist Johann Dobereiner, it is an article that has never really gone out of fashion. Its promotional character has more than a century of history, being one of the first articles used as an advertising medium.

A corporate gift for everyday life

A lighter is always visible at home. Not in vain, it is one of the objects to which you can possibly resort more times throughout the day. This translates, therefore, into high visibility at the advertising level, which is why it is one of the cheap promotional gifts most often used for different promotions.

Whether it's a simple lighter to light a candle at home or a more elaborate kitchen lighter, the truth is that it's a personalized gift that guarantees to be present in the daily lives of users. A very simple product with which to increase the value of recognition of a company or business.

But in addition to its promotional character, the lighter can also be used as a souvenir item, so it really gives a lot of game at the marketing level. In addition, it is an object that can cater to a large number of profiles and designs, from the most classic to the most modern and original.

At present, we can find everything from traditional lighters to others that perform functions such as opener, rechargeable battery, kitchen lighters, double flame, and so on. The more practical its function is, the more use will be given to it and, therefore, the greater the visibility of an image we will achieve.

Advantages of the cigarette lighter as a personalized promotional merchandise

We have already commented that both their practical and versatile character are important reasons to choose the lighters as a promotional item. But, at the same time, it is an economic giveaway product, so with a small investment an excellent advertising campaign can be carried out.

In addition, the surface of the lighter offers a very good visibility for the logo or image of any company or business. A visual reach that is multiplied by the fact that it is an everyday item and is used daily at home, making it a magnificent promotional gift at fairs, festivals, company events, and so on.

In this respect, we should also point out the kitchen lighters, very common for various actions at home as lighting the fire, firewood or embers in a barbecue.

On the other hand, branded lighters have acquired in recent years much more modern and original designs. It is true that the lighter of classic and traditional cut does not go out of fashion, but the detail of a lighter a little more elaborated will be always a success of style between the clients.

At the same time, manufacturing materials and finishes have also evolved significantly. There is a reason why advertising lighters continue to be one of the most widely used corporate gifts.

The most advisable thing is to personalize the lighters as promotional products in accordance with the corporate design of the company. In this way, much more attention will be attracted by creating a longer-lasting advertising effect.

A personalized lighter is, in short, the best idea to ignite a business brand. A cheap promotional gift, very practical and provides great visibility thanks to its versatility. The advertising achieved with this article never goes out of fashion.