Branded backpacks

Fill the streets with backpacks personalized with your logo

The rucksack is a sack or bag that was originally used to carry messages. It later became a practical travel companion, from which the term "backpacker" was derived and currently the new versions of the backpack are the laptop backpack and the anti-theft rucksack. These latter customized rucksacks have become one of the best selling promotional items in recent years.

Backpacks, hottest items

From the low-cost drawstring bags to the designer backpacks with anti-theft system, this gift has become a top-selling product. We can see that the branded backpack is one of the star products at events and in companies or educational organizations. The backpack is the best ambassador for your company's logo at a fair, a congress, corporate events, as well as in nurseries, schools, colleges and universities around the world. Its price is respectful of your budget and allies you with your brand in these areas where offering a corporate gift is almost mandatory and a gesture of gratitude with those who come to your professional services.

From non woven, cotton or canvas, synthetic leather and polyester to rPET which is very present in the new generation of customizable backpacks and PU coated nylon. All with an impeccable finish and with designs adapted to each of the needs of the target market and always with the quality to which your image should be associated.

In this case we would choose the promotional backpacks with an executive design, with an anti-theft lock, capacity for a laptop and other essential gadgets for your employees, for the participants of fairs and congresses or for your most important clients. They are personalized backpacks with a sober, formal, unisex look, with a great price and that leaves your company logo in a visible position like few promotional gifts. Some models of the urban backpacks are also great products to personalize without taking risks with the price. However, you could also personalize the drawstring backpacks as a personalized item and give them as complements for a team building activity.

The first characteristic to personalize that a rucksack fulfills is the following one: BIG. The branding areas on the backpacks are as wide as the item itself. As for colors and positions we also have different possibilities. The transfer technique and the vinyl technique allow full color printing of the logo and some backpacks can also be marked with laser or hot stamping depending on the decorations with which it is manufactured and the material as well. The personalized backpacks, what is sure, is that they look beautiful and are budget-friendly.

Promotional backpacks are a timeless gift. There is no low season, mid season and high season like in hotels. A rucksack of one kind or another will be used for one thing or another at one time or another, that's for sure. But it's always the perfect time to offer promotional backpacks as giveaways. That is to say, if you are a travel agency and you want to offer your clients a backpack when they book their holidays with you, the ideal thing would be to give them a travel backpack, a mountain backpack in April as an early booking claim. If you are a gym and you want to give a backpack to new users who sign up, then choose between the low-cost drawstring bags and the month of January which is when we have new purposes and we want to burn off the calories of Christmas. If you are an educational body and want to give a backpack to students when they register, choose June or September and a backpack with room for books or a laptop.

Here. Where better? We take you by the hand through this section of promotional merchandise that we like so much and we help you choose the one that best suits you in terms of price, design, target audience and functionality. All you have to do is choose the rucksack you like best from those we offer and leave it in our hands so that we can personalise it. At the best price.

Apart from the basic rucksacks, like the ones with strings for example, and other rucksacks that we mentioned in the presentation of this section of promotional items, the rucksack can be classified according to the specific objective, its function, who uses it and where they want to use it: sport, travel, professionals, travel, to name a few. There are also the so-called hydration backpacks that have a water bottle inside, and which have a hose that runs over the shoulder, perfect for sportsmen.

If we classify the rucksacks according to their capacity, we would have these alternatives:

  • 10 to 20 litres: with a simple design and bright and fun colours, these are the school bags and the drawstring, which are very affordable.
  • 40-litre: which is the recommended backpack for a day trip.
  • From 40 to 65 litres: for activities that include an overnight stay outside and allow you to carry your bag, a blanket and a change of clothes.
  • More than 65 litres: backpacks designed for multi-day activities; that is, perfect for backpackers.

There are rucksacks for every occasion and for every stage. You will love the customized backpack you choose for your logo, because you will see a quality result.

As you wish! Today's backpacks accept customization techniques that allow you to use all the colors your logo has, plus the printing area doesn't have to be a single place on the backpack, the largest or the front pocket that is most common. You can use the surface of the backpack as you wish even putting more logos or commemorative stamps. Custom backpacks have long since stopped carrying a white logo and nothing else.

Simply because it is a wonderful product. With guaranteed use; that is, it will not be left behind and whoever receives the backpack will wear it. With a very specific function, which is to transport our belongings to study, work or sport. We all do some of this, so we return to motive one: it will be used, it will be shown, they will carry your logo on their backs. It has an admirable durability, which makes personalizable backpacks cheap because you amortize the expense and you will realize that its price is a short, medium and long term investment.

This is like "what time of year is the best time of year to give a personalized backpack". The answer is similar: it depends on the budget you have, it depends on the audience the gift is aimed at, it depends on the use that should be given to these products. You can choose cheap customized backpacks in each of the groups of backpacks we have: anti-theft backpacks, urban backpacks, laptop backpacks, drawstring backpacks, children's backpacks, sport backpacks. Tell me what you want it for and I'll tell you which rucksack you're looking for. We have many different products of good quality that can be customized with your logo, with quality and a price that will leave you satisfied.

Yes, if you have the time and want a large quantity, we can make an exclusive backpack with a prototype designed to fit your marketing guidelines and merchandising needs. If you are in a hurry and want a moderate amount, we have about 7 rucksack models with a standard design in terms of shape but which allow absolute customization in terms of print and colors. You can make it with your corporate Pantone. You'll have a cool custom backpack as a result within a couple of weeks.

We usually suggest a minimum of 10 to 25 units as a minimum purchase for custom backpacks. Mostly because marking techniques are expensive and the impact they have on the unit cost of the item is noticeable the lower the quantity ordered. The greater the quantity of personalized products, the better price you will have. So if we indicate a minimum quantity, we do it looking for you and your pocket or your company's pocket, better.