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The drawstring bag is without question a top selling corporate gift. Can you imagine your logo on one of these great promotional items? Let us at RegaloEmpresas make your marketing project come true in a branded drawstring bag.

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Buy sack style backpacks as a business gift

The drawstring backpacks can be used every day, which is an excellent advantage over other promotional gifts because they are cheap and yet your brand will enjoy great exposure. Your budget for custom backpacks is going to be very profitable.

If you look around as you walk down the street or if you are used to walking in the mountains, it is very easy to find a person with one of these personalized drawstring bags on their back, and you will see that they will almost always have a logo printed on them. Customized backpacks are in great demand by trekking associations and sports clubs, although they are also in great demand as corporate gifts in group activities at corporate events. They are light and cheap, with the possibility of putting your logo in full color on them.

And you get free shipping on all your orders over 30 euros.

Do you need more reasons to convince yourself that a customized drawstring bag is the perfect advertising gift for your next marketing campaign?

Then we can tell you about the excellent quality of our promotional backpacks. In addition, at RegaloEmpresas we take care of personalizing this type of business gift with your logo using the most appropriate printing methods, to achieve a lasting result that you can be proud of your brand.

They are extra flat backpacks made of polyester or cotton, in non-woven and other fabrics and eco materials that are coming to the market in recent years, such as cork, rPET. Its handles are laces that adjust to the back when you hang it up. They are also very light and flexible. They can be easily folded and stored without taking up much space and they are also easy to clean. Their price is extremely competitive, they are very cheap and there is a wide range of colours to match your logo. These products are great to give away at events, at sports schools, at sports associations, at schools and colleges. It is one of the most successful categories.

Yes. Drawstring bags are cheap but high quality items. These products are made of resistant materials such as 600D or cotton and even non-woven, designed to give them as frequent use as shampoo. They support weight and time. Many of these items come with reinforced corners, which prevents the weight from straining the cord and the cord from tearing the fabric. We've got it all figured out so you don't drop your chocolate cookies along the way. All you have to worry about is how to customize drawstring bags with your design or logo.

They are really comfortable and what I like about them is that they are much cooler than any other kind of backpack that leaves your back soaking wet if it's really hot. These products are convenient because of their multi-functionality, their capacity, their resistance, their lightness, their easy cleaning and how little they occupy when you want to store them. And their price! We deviate: yes. They are comfortable to wear and some of them admit a lace adjustment accessory on the chest, which leaves it closer to the body, great for cycling, trekking and even running with it on.

There are, and they are of the same quality and similar price; that is to say, they are cheap. The children's drawstring backpacks are obviously smaller and have some fun motif in their design. We have a fun drawstring backpack in the shape of a T-shirt and a variety of colours to brighten up any bus on a field trip or a school playground before going to class. We also have a non-woven backpack, in white, which is printed with some drawings to colour in and that children's drawstring bag with markers is the most! A perfect gift for children who enroll in your daycare. You'll win over parents who only have to worry about snacking on their favourite dinosaur cookies.

Rope bags are many things but they are not waterproof. All the fabrics they're made of are permeable. So you better check the weather before you leave the house. If you are looking for a waterproof product, we recommend the waterproof bags that are used a lot in the nautical world. Otherwise, if what you want is a drawstring backpack at all costs, the best option is to get another one of those great products as a complement to the backpacks: the waterproof cover with elastic to fit the drawstring backpack you are going to carry.

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