Promotional beach balls

Beach soccer World Cup with your beach balls

The beach ball, the princess of the inflatables, is common, because there is no common superlative, a promotional product that triumphs year after year. For the most nostalgic, do you remember the ones that the advertising planes used to throw on the beach directly while you were sunbathing or bathing?

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Did you know that we must thank Jonathon de Longe for having created the beach ball? Well, neither do I. And who is he, then? Well, we don't know that. We do know that despite its name it was from California and not the Netherlands and that it was made in 1938 and, if it happened in the summer, it must have coincided with another great invention: Nestlé was patenting instant coffee at the time. In any case, we thank Jonathon from here for giving us one more aquatic inflatable game, full of color and joviality. For giving us great moments on the beach and in the pool when we were kids and for giving us one of the best selling promotional products.

Just as we told you about the beach bag and the beach umbrella, the beach ball is one of the axes of the summerish items.

This year, the beach ball will blow 80 candles. Congratulations! It's good to be 80 when you're so slow. Haven't you noticed how slow they are on the move?

Beach ball with your logo printed on it

When the year begins, one of the most recurrent advertising claims in the requests we receive are beach balls.

More than 20 inflatable balls that if you multiply each model by the available colors, you can choose from almost 200 different beach balls.

The great thing about the beach ball is that it's an inexpensive gift for you, it has a considerable marking area for any logo or message to be printed on it, and when it's empty it takes up very little space, so it's not an annoying gift that you don't know where to put or what to use.

Types of beach balls personalized with your logo

Let's make the talk easy and try to sell you what it's not. Beach balls are what they are: round and little more. However, there is the transparent inflatable beach ball or translucent beach ball, the mini beach ball, the bicolour beach ball, the inflatable beach ball and the giant beach ball. Not as giant as the one that gave you so much to talk about, remember an Amazon review that went viral and to which they even dedicated articles in the digital press? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. We leave the link here for you to laugh a little bit:

Promotional inflatable balloons

This summer take advantage on the scoreboard with RegaloEmpresas and fill the beaches with colorful promotional beach balls by choosing one of our more than 20 balls available in your favorite color.

If you send us your logo we will be happy to prepare for you a free mock-up that you will love.

We are looking forward to seeing how much we can do for your brand.

The standard diameter of the beach balls once inflated is 21cm-23cm-28cm. The one XL model we have in this collection is 44cm large. Both sizes are perfect for the beach, pool, and even pool volleyball - but if you really want to show off your brand, opt for the XL one to make the ultimate statement.

While we use high-quality materials for our beach balls to give them as much resistance as possible, beach balls are not indestructible. Keep them away from flames, sharp objects that can puncture and damage their structure, and when inflated, avoid squeezing them with too much pressure, or they may pop. It's best to deflate them when not in use.

Certainly! Beach balls have an eye-catching "sphere" design that looks great with branding, and they are lightweight, so you can take it virtually anywhere for some entertainment. You could promote any company - particularly surf, sports, and beach brands.

Our available options for printing logos on our beach balls include silkscreen for 1 colour and transfer for full colour. You can print your logo on one or several panels, depending on how much coverage you want. With its ball shape and entertainment use, it doesn't specifically matter where the placement of the logo is - but if you want to make a statement, why not cover several panels?

Use a simple inflation-deflation method when inflating our beach balls via the ball spout. Breathe in, seal your lips around the spout, and then exert your breath into it. When you need to take another breath, plug the spout to seal the air inside and so you don't lose progress with the inflation. Repeat until the ball is fully inflated - there are no pumps required!