Printed beach inflatables

Inflatable lilos, chairs and swim rings with your logo on them

Complete your customers' summer kit with beach inflatables like these. The inflatable beach lilos, promotional swim rings and inflatable pillows are foldable, light and very visible elements. They are a very attractive corporate gift for your logo and for your customers, who will enjoy this summer thanks to your brand.

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Branded beach inflatables

It could be that the beach inflatable was a consequence of the beach ball that we talked about in detail. That the idea of the ball generated a whole universe of inflatable items for the beach or the pool. In any case, welcome to them.

What did you think of the inflatable revolution a couple of years ago? There have always been beach balls, inflatable lilos, swim ring. But with the help of the master pizza maker and the mythology associated with Instagram, came the pizza-shaped mat and the unicorn-shaped float. And raise your hand if any of you haven't wanted to pose with an ice-cold beer while resting your body on a pizza mat or straddling the largest pink unicorn possible to influence sexy.

We have the most classic inflatable beach items: the inflatable cushion, the inflatable batons, the branded beach ball and we even have a set that includes all this plus a fridge for cans and a shovel and a frisbee. Come on, going to bed in the sun like a lizard is not strictly necessary and you can do overtime at the beach and pool this summer. Summer, what magic this word contains!

The good weather and high season for these gifts is coming. Ideal simply as personalized gifts of your brand or as part of group activities if you organize a teambuilding with your team. You can do tournaments without anyone getting hurt.

Personalised inflatables for those who have a child in them

All of them can be customized. We repeat! All of them can be customized with your logo. And we, from a professional and not playful point of view, are very fond of these advertising gifts, because the beach and the pool are always a great showcase as we told you about beach umbrellas and beach balls.

This year we will include some cool new products like the inflatable unicorn, inflatable unicorn cup holder, inflatable flamingo and inflatable flamingo cup holder. They are the essential elements for summer photos on social networks (exponential exhibition of your brand) along with the famous inflatable swim ring.

And if you look in our beach games section you will find more ideas, because we will keep in the catalogue the usual classics: the inflatable goal, the inflatable armchair, the inflatable holder, so you don't have to leave the umbrella neighbor hanging from your things while you cool down without getting too far.

The children's version for these mini size items is also available, in addition to the inflatable cuffs.