Personalised beach towels

Promote your brand in the beach

We all love the beach in a summer day, a walk looking for seashells, playing with the waves, lying in the sand. No way to go to the beach without a towel, so you would be the king of the beach if you use branded towels as giveaways.

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Branded beach towels

A couple of months after the arrival of summer, we noticed that our clients are beginning to be interested in buying promotional products that fill the beaches with the colors of their brands. In addition to the award-winning promotional beach ball, the personalised beach umbrella and the inflatable lilos, you, our customers, are very interested in the beach towels printed with logo. And you are right, promotional towels are a smart choice because, although their use may seem restricted to the summer season, a personalizable beach towel can last for many years. In addition, the towels have a huge printing area, so your logo will be attracting attention on the crowded beaches. In fact, we have models of towels that allow you to personalize the whole surface, even in full color.

Considering all this, don't you think it's a fantastic investment?

You know we love to talk about the origin of the promotional items we describe in these texts, so this one about advertising towels is no exception.

Well, it seems that the first towel more or less as we know it today dates from the 2nd century and we owe it to the eternal enemies of Asterix and Obelix, the Romans! What is more, it is said that before Romanization, canvases called "tualia" were used.

The towel survived the ruins of Pompeii, it travelled and settled in Egypt, it saw misery in the Middle Ages, although those coming from Holland were considered gifts and valuable objects, which could already be embroidered, being velvet (luxury range) and linen. And with the fashion of washing and being neat, came the plush towels.

Since the towel has become one of the four most common objects in our daily lives, do you see the power of the towel as an ambassador for your brand? Small towels, large towels, beach towels, golf towels, gym towels, spotless white towels and multi-colored towels. Heavier and lighter towels, made of exquisite cotton, cotton velvet towels; quick-drying microfiber towels.

As a beach towel we can also include the sarong, which has become so fashionable in recent summers and you can also find in different formats: double towel, round towel... They are lighter towels and take up less space in the beach bag. Ready to go lie in the sun.

All our beach towels are personalizable, of course. Transfer and embroidery are the most common. Embroidery, as we have already mentioned in previous promotional gifts, is a durable and very elegant technique. If the towel is presented with an individual bag, the bag can also be customized with screen-printed textile.

So you have here an exceptional merchandise option. A towel with your brand that will go from the beach to the swimming pool of the sports centre and, why not, to the bathrooms of your clients. A gift much appreciated for its practicality.