Promotional beach umbrellas

A beach umbrella with your logo as a banner at the coast

Do you remember the success of Nivea's advertising beach gifts? And the success of Coca-cola corporate gifts? I remember being a child, spending days at the beach and that aeroplane dropping these promotional gifts while I was swimming or making sand castles. They have always been the perfect promotional products during summertime. Take advantage of the trend those big companies created and print your logo on an advertising beach umbrella.

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Branded beach umbrella

"When the sun shines here at the beach, I feel your body vibrating next to me…" Lalalalala. "We stop here before the temperature starts to raise for real". So it said the song.

You come from the thermal coolers section and have decided to make the leap to its cousin the beach umbrella? We like that, because it means you are reading our texts and that we are inspiring you.

And since we are all here, it is time for a piece of History. At RegaloEmpresas we are very, very curious and we like knowing a little about everything. Learning curiosities and understanding the reasons for things, most of all when it comes to the things we sell, the things we are selling you to be more accurate, because we dislike selling sand in the desert.

Some date the origin of the beach umbrellas in Babilonia more than 3.400 years ago while others maintain the beach umbrella was invented in China (oh, those Chinese who invent everything!) none other than 4.000 years ago. Whatever their origin, what happened with the beach umbrellas was, like with almost everything in life, that at the start they were only used by the wealthy people, the high nobility, and that it played an important role in art, being present in many famous paintings.

Nowadays the beach umbrella is no longer made with delicate materials except the ones which are accessories to women’s apparel and which are in disuse despite the elegant image they provide. The beach umbrellas we know and frequently use are the ones made in aluminum, stainless steel, fiberglass or wood (its structure) and with fabrics more resistant to sun, wind and humidity: vinyls, acrylics and tarpaulins.

The beach umbrellas are planted like conquering summer flags in our pools and solariums, but where they really shine as the queens of summer is at the beach. The coast is swamped by a tide of bright colored beach umbrellas.

When buying beach umbrellas what we have to mainly bear in mind is that they have an UV filter.

Gifting personalized beach umbrellas

We have seen them. We have seen them hundreds of times. In fact, it is rare to see a beach umbrella which is not an promotional beach umbrella. We could talk about brands, but why? Surely you also remember strolling along the seashore and noticing all brands which have used the branded beach umbrella for their summer marketing campaign.

Print your logo on a beach umbrella with a bright design which matches your corporate color, it is a magnificent promotional item. I don’t remember ever going to a shop specifically to buy a beach umbrella, do you?, but I remember always going to the beach with one. Who gifted it to me? Certainly a company with good ideas.

And now I realize, I really focus a lot on the beach umbrella, but the promotional beach umbrella is an essential item in thousands of bar terraces and public swimming pools that get filled in spring and summer.

If you want to prepare a promotional summer kit, if you want to have various promotional gift options for your clients based on what they invest in you, you can choose corporate gifts that complement each other like thermal coolers, beach balls, beach umbrellas, beach towels, sandals, mats, loungers and many more. Check our Beach category and you will be dying to feel the summer heat in your skin, to see your beach umbrella personalized with you logo at the beaches and your merchandising items shining brighter than the sun.