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Upcoming Events 2024 at La Fira Barcelona

Fira Barcelona presents its vibrant agenda of events for 2024, highlighting fairs such as Mobile World Congress and ISE. From business to culture, it covers diverse sectors, consolidating Barcelona as an international epicentre. With events such as Alimentaria and Hostelco, significant economic impact is expected. Participants can plan ahead, explore sponsorship opportunities, and take advantage of customised merchandising to maximise their presence. Fira Barcelona continues to be an economic and cultural engine, promising enriching experiences in 2024.
19 Jan 2024

IFEMA Upcoming Events 2024 - Full Calendar

IFEMA Madrid stands out in 2024 with a diverse calendar of events, from FITUR to ARCOMadrid, offering unique experiences in tourism, fashion and art. Committed to sustainability, they introduce IFEMA MADRID LIVE for cultural events and consolidate their international presence. Be prepared with accommodation, transport and personalised merchandising to make the most of the networking and professional development opportunities at these leading trade fairs and congresses.
19 Jan 2024

The best brands and models of customised golf balls for players of all levels.

Golf ball customisation stands out in the world of golf, offering unique identification, personal expression and strategic advantages. The right choice of balls for the style of play is crucial, considering factors such as spin, distance and feel. Brands such as Titleist, TaylorMade and Wilson offer outstanding models. RegaloEmpresas stands out as a reliable option for personalisation, using techniques such as digital printing and pad printing. Guaranteed quality and personal attention make RegaloEmpresas a solid choice for creating unique and durable golf balls.
16 Jan 2024

Discover how customised chocolate can boost your Field Marketing campaigns

Customised chocolate is presented as a powerful marketing tool in Field Marketing, highlighting its visual impact, emotional connection, memorability and versatility. It explores creative strategies, success stories and how to integrate online and offline to maximise its effectiveness. It connects with the public through emotions, generating a unique experience and strengthening the brand-consumer relationship.
16 Jan 2024

Discover how customised chocolates can ensure the success of your next event.

Customised chocolates are on the rise for events, adding exclusivity and highlighting the host's sophistication. More than a pleasure for the palate, these unique details strengthen the emotional connection, offer tangible memories and reinforce the brand image. The trend is growing, transforming ordinary events into unforgettable experiences, where creative design and careful choice of supplier are key. Chocolate personalisation elevates every celebration to a unique level!
16 Jan 2024

Discover the meaning of giving chocolate as a gift and its hidden messages

The gift of chocolate, rooted in Mesoamerican history, symbolises luxury and power. It evolved as a gift of diplomacy and love, adopting diverse meanings in different cultures and events. The choice of the type of chocolate communicates emotions, making it a unique expression of love, gratitude or friendship. This sweet gesture goes beyond pleasure, being a cultural and emotional vehicle, strengthening affective and social bonds.
12 Jan 2024