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IFEMA Upcoming Events 2024 - Full Calendar

IFEMA Upcoming Events 2024
IFEMA Upcoming Events 2024

We are pleased to present IFEMA's calendar of events for 2024, an agenda that promises to make Madrid the epicenter of some of the most relevant international trade fairs and congresses. With a varied offer ranging from fairs and exhibitions to congresses and conventions, IFEMA is preparing for a year full of activity and opportunities.

From the next IFEMA event to the close of the year, each meeting is designed to offer unique experiences of its kind, with an emphasis on leading sectors such as tourism, fashion, technology and culture. The events scheduled at IFEMA stand out for an impeccable commitment to quality and a vision towards sustainability, thus being not only a window to economic development, but also a platform for environmental innovation.

Keeping you abreast of the IFEMA 2024 highlights, we invite you to explore the fairs and conventions that will set the standard in various sectors. Let's join the great celebration of the trade fair industry that puts us, once again, in the global spotlight. Here you will find everything you need to know about the upcoming IFEMA 2024 conventions and how they can enrich your professional or business career.

Key Highlights

  • Full coverage of the IFEMA 2024 events calendar.
  • Details of the most anticipated IFEMA trade fairs and congresses of the year.
  • Information on how IFEMA 2024 featured events drive key sectors.
  • Tips for planning your visit to IFEMA's events calendar.
  • Focus on sustainability and innovation at all IFEMA 2024 fairs and exhibitions.

Introduction to IFEMA and its relevance in Spain.

As one of the nerve centers for IFEMA trade fairs and congresses, IFEMA plays a fundamental role in the economic and cultural development of Spain. Over time, IFEMA has established itself as an essential reference in the organization of major events, and its calendar for 2024 is already emerging as a platform for significant meetings and a springboard for international business.

Fairs and events at IFEMA Madrid
Fairs and events at IFEMA Madrid

What is IFEMA?

IFEMA is a trade fair institution that has become the emblem of national and international events in Madrid. Home to a wide range of industries, IFEMA has been the cradle of innovations and strategic collaborations, expanding its horizons beyond Spain's borders.

IFEMA's role in the Spanish trade fair industry

Our institution assumes leadership in the trade fair sector, becoming the preferred venue for countless sectors seeking to promote their products and services. The IFEMA 2024 events calendar already stands out for its wide range of activities, which include everything from trade fairs to specialized congresses.

Economic and cultural impact of IFEMA's events

The events scheduled for 2024 not only have a formidable economic impact, due to the business generation and tourism they attract, but also enrich the cultural fabric of Madrid and, therefore, the whole of Spain.

EventSectorDatesEstimated Participation
FITURTourismJanuary 18-22200,000+
MOMADFashionFebruary 6-815,000+
FRUIT ATTRACTIONAgriculture20-22 October80,000+

IFEMA upcoming events 2024: A glimpse of the future

The next IFEMA event marks the start of a year packed with activities that capture the essence of innovation and sectoral diversity. As we explore the IFEMA 2024 event calendar, we embark on a journey that promises opportunities for business, learning and recreation. From the realm of tourism to the cutting edge of fashion, the latest trends in the world of motoring and contemporary art; all will have a place at Feria de Madrid. Let us invite you on this journey into the future of events, where every encounter is designed to inspire and connect.

Upcoming events at IFEMA Madrid
Upcoming events at IFEMA Madrid

Our goal is to deliver a unique experience that goes beyond the expectations of our visitors and exhibitors. At the heart of this is a diverse offering that reflects the multiculturalism and dynamism of global commerce and culture. Let's take a closer look at what the future holds with the upcoming ifema events 2024:

  • Traditional and emerging sectors converging in the same space.
  • Launching pads for the latest innovations in every industry.
  • Opportunities to establish essential international contacts.

At IFEMA, we focus on creating environments that foster the exchange of ideas and business expansion, allowing brands to present their products and services to a global and diversified audience. Stay tuned to our program and ensure your presence at the next IFEMA event, where the boundaries of traditional business expand to new frontiers of opportunity and collaboration.

Featured trade fairs and congresses at IFEMA 2024

As we move into the year 2024, IFEMA stands as the venue of choice for a series of outstanding events that promise to be benchmarks not only for Madrid but for the international scene. These meetings offer unprecedented opportunities to network, learn and discover the latest trends and developments in multiple sectors.

In our IFEMA events calendar, we highlight a variety of fairs that cater to different interests and markets. Below is a detailed table that breaks down key information on upcoming IFEMA 2024 events. These are the meetings that will define the year and that you will undoubtedly want to mark on your calendar.

EventSectorDatesExpected attendees
PromogiftGifts and merchandisingJanuary 15 - 1720,000+
MomadFashionFebruary 7 - 915,000+
Mercedes Benz Fashion WeekFashion and TrendsFebruary 20 - 2550,000+
AULAEducationMarch 5 - 9150,000+
Iberzoo+PropetPets & VeterinaryMarch 13 - 1516,000+
Gourmets ShowGastronomy30 Mar - 2 April90,000+
International Gaming FairEntertainment and Gaming15 - 17 April40,000+
TecmaUrbanism and EnvironmentJune 13 - 1525,000+
Fruit AttractionAgri-food22 - 24 October80,000+

All these events make up a high-level offer that reflects IFEMA's ability to integrate and promote different industries. We are proud to be part of this platform that facilitates the convergence of knowledge and business, putting Madrid on the map as an unmissable destination for professionals from all over the world.

Key sectors on the agenda of IFEMA 2024

This year, our focus is on the sectors that define the cutting edge and trends at a global level. With one eye on innovation and the other on culture, Feria de Madrid (IFEMA) becomes the center of cultural and professional dynamics with a series of IFEMA 2024 fairs and exhibitions that promise to be the next benchmark events on the international scene.

Tourism and FITUR: Madrid's Window on the World

As it does every year, FITUR will bring together industry professionals and those curious about the wonders of the world, consolidating itself as the next must-attend IFEMA event for lovers of travel and exploration.

Inauguration of the FITUR fair in Madrid
Inauguration of the FITUR fair in Madrid

Fashion and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week: Trends and Design

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week will transform the catwalk into a stage for innovation, where style and creativity will set the tone for international fashion.

Contemporary art and ARCOMadrid: Avant-garde and culture

ARCOMadrid, the space where contemporary art shows its most transgressive face, will bring together artists and gallery owners in a neuralgic meeting point for culture in the capital.

ARCOmadrid, International Contemporary Art Fair
ARCOmadrid, International Contemporary Art Fair

The variety and quality of these events have made IFEMA a benchmark in the calendar of events scheduled by IFEMA, positioning Madrid as the focus of activity in many professional fields.

TourismFITURJanuary 2024International meeting of tourism professionals.
FashionMercedes Benz Fashion WeekSeptember 2024The most important fashion week in Spain.
ArtARCOMadridFebruary 2024International contemporary art fair.

Preparations for visiting IFEMA events

With an exciting agenda of IFEMA fairs and congresses awaiting us in 2024, it is crucial to organize our stay in Madrid in advance. The city is preparing to welcome attendees of the upcoming IFEMA 2024 conventions, ensuring a memorable and fruitful experience both professionally and personally.

Accommodation and transportation: Plan your stay in Madrid

When considering the IFEMA 2024 event calendar, it is important to take into account accommodation options close to the fairgrounds and the best transportation routes. Partnering with Iberia to offer discounted flights is one of the ways IFEMA makes it easy to get to this vibrant city.

Accommodation and transportation in Madrid
Accommodation and transportation in Madrid

Tickets and access: How to ensure your participation

Having tickets for each event is essential. Secure your place by purchasing tickets in advance and avoid unnecessary waiting, thus optimizing your experience at each of the scheduled fairs and congresses.

Networking and professional opportunities at IFEMA

IFEMA is not only a meeting place, but also a source of professional opportunities. The events held here promote networking among professionals from different industries, encouraging the exchange of ideas and the formation of strategic alliances.

LodgingComfort and ProximityHotels associated with IFEMA offering preferential rates
TransportationEase of movementDiscounts on flights and transfers with Iberia
TicketsGuaranteed accessAdvance sale and no queues on the day of the event
NetworkingBusiness opportunitiesB2B meetings and networking areas at the fairgrounds

IFEMA MADRID LIVE: Not only business, but also entertainment

We are proud to announce that the IFEMA experience in 2024 will evolve with IFEMA MADRID LIVE, an innovative bet that adds a new dimension of culture and entertainment to IFEMA's scheduled events. This year, the fairgrounds will be transformed to offer not only a business space but also a place where music and the performing arts play a leading role.

Concerts and shows at IFEMA Madrid Live
Concerts and shows at IFEMA Madrid Live

As part of the upcoming ifema events 2024, we will be pleased to host a diverse range of concerts and shows that will be available for the enjoyment of all our visitors. These events are carefully selected to enrich the business stay with memorable cultural moments.

  • Concerts by national and international artists
  • Contemporary dance shows
  • Plays and performances
  • Multimedia and digital art showcases

We want every meeting at IFEMA MADRID LIVE to be an opportunity to create unique stories. Through these exclusive events, IFEMA becomes a stage where business and fun coexist, reaffirming our commitment to an offer that goes beyond the traditional expectations of a fairground.

IFEMA Madrid International: Global projection and collaboration

At IFEMA we are aware of the importance of expanding our borders and building a strong international identity. That is why, in recent years, we have focused our efforts on establishing strategic agreements and participating in world-renowned events, thus consolidating our presence on the global map of the exhibition industry. We are proud to announce that our upcoming ifema 2024 conventions will reflect this international commitment, with the participation of exhibitors and visitors from various parts of the world, ensuring the strengthening of ifema Madrid International as a space for collaboration and global projection.

International agreements and IFEMA's positioning

International agreements have played a key role in IFEMA's growth, allowing us to achieve a prominent position in the industry. Each convention and agreement is an opportunity to share knowledge, technologies and trends, thus cultivating an enriching network for all participants.

IFEMA's presence at events worldwide

Our events agenda is the result of tireless work to bring the quality of IFEMA beyond our borders. These efforts ensure not only representation at the world's most important events, but also offer our member companies an unparalleled platform for internationalization and development.

YearEventLocationIFEMA Participation
2024Global Tourism FairShanghai, ChinaBooth and speakers
2024Sustainable Fashion ConferenceBerlin, GermanySponsor and panelist
2024Advanced Technology ExpoSilicon Valley, USAExhibitor and collaborator

Commitment to sustainability and innovation at IFEMA

At IFEMA, we are aware that the future of trade fairs and exhibitions depends on our commitment to the environment and technological progress. That's why IFEMA 2024 featured events and IFEMA 2024 fairs and exhibitions are designed under strict IFEMA sustainability criteria, reflecting our dedication to innovation and ecological responsibility in all aspects of our management.

Ethical management of resources and waste

Our comprehensive approach to sustainability encompasses the optimization of the use of natural resources, the conservation of water and energy, and the reduction and recycling of waste generated during events. This ethical and efficient management not only minimizes environmental impact, but also sets a standard for the hospitality and events industry in Spain and the world.

First sustainable parking and other green initiatives

We took a step forward in innovation with the inauguration of the first sustainable parking facility in collaboration with Iberdrola. This state-of-the-art facility allows the simultaneous recharging of 34 electric vehicles, demonstrating our commitment to the advancement of sustainable mobility. In addition, we are constantly implementing new ecological initiatives, reaffirming our leadership position in sustainability in the trade fair sector.

Customized merchandising for companies

In our experience at ifema trade fairs and congresses, we have observed that customized merchandise has become an essential tool for companies seeking to stand out at these events. The ability to offer unique and branded products provides a competitive advantage, capturing the attention of attendees and promoting post-event company recall.

During events like Promogift, we notice how companies from different sectors take the opportunity to showcase their innovations in the field of customized event merchandising. Products such as pens, USB sticks and T-shirts are transformed into powerful advertising media when the unique touch of the brand is added to them.

We are convinced that custom merchandising not only increases brand visibility but also generates a deeper connection with potential and current customers. Therefore, we stress the importance of selecting merchandising pieces that are not only attractive, but also reflect the company's values and identity.

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At the close of an exceptional schedule, at IFEMA we are proud to project the upcoming events 2024, which will be the epicenter of the trade show industry. IFEMA's events agenda is made up of an innovative and varied series of trade fairs and congresses that not only highlight the strength of different economic and cultural sectors, but also reinforce our position as a leader in the international sphere.

Our calendar is meticulously designed to offer unforgettable experiences and growth opportunities in an environment committed to sustainability and innovation. We look ahead to 2024 with the certainty that every meeting, every trade show and every congress within our facilities will be a window into the future of the industries that accompany us and, together, we set the standard globally.

We invite everyone to be an active part of the vibrant community that comes together at IFEMA. IFEMA fairs and congresses will once again witness strategic alliances, technological advances and enriching dialogues that shape the horizon of various industries. We call on professionals and visitors to join us for what is sure to be a cycle of momentous events that will live up to the expectations of all those who are part of the exciting world of IFEMA.


What is IFEMA and what is its importance in the trade fair industry?

IFEMA is the Institución Ferial de Madrid, an entity that organizes and hosts some of the most important fairs and congresses in Spain. Its relevance lies in its ability to be a meeting point for companies and professionals from all over the world, generating a significant economic and cultural impact.

When will the IFEMA 2024 calendar of events begin?

The IFEMA 2024 calendar of events will begin on January 16 and continue throughout the year, offering a wide variety of fairs, congresses, concerts and shows.

What are some of the highlights at IFEMA in 2024?

Among the most prominent events at IFEMA for 2024 are Promogift, FITUR, Momad, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid, ARCOMadrid, AULA, Iberzoo+Propet, Salón Gourmets, Feria Internacional del Juego, Tecma and Fruit Attraction.

Which sectors will be highlighted in IFEMA's agenda in 2024?

Some of the star sectors at IFEMA during 2024 will be tourism with FITUR, fashion with Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid and contemporary art with ARCOMadrid.

What facilities does IFEMA offer for international attendees?

IFEMA facilitates international attendance at its events through strategic alliances, such as discounts on flights with Iberia to facilitate the arrival in Madrid of visitors and exhibitors from all over the world.

How can IFEMA contribute to sustainability?

IFEMA shows a strong commitment to sustainability, applying good environmental practices in resource and waste management and with the launch of its first sustainable parking lot with charging capacity for electric vehicles, in collaboration with Iberdrola.

What is IFEMA MADRID LIVE and what type of events does it cover?

IFEMA MADRID LIVE is an extension of IFEMA's offer that includes a program of events beyond the professional and business sphere, providing cultural and entertainment shows such as concerts and other recreational activities.

What strategies does IFEMA follow to consolidate its international presence?

IFEMA consolidates its international presence through strategic agreements and its participation in events around the world, promoting global collaboration and increasing its influence in the trade fair industry worldwide.

What are the benefits of customized merchandising at IFEMA events?

Personalized merchandising is a key tool at IFEMA events, where companies have the opportunity to improve their visibility and strengthen their brand image through promotional products and specialized machinery for customization.

How can I plan my visit to IFEMA events?

To plan your visit to IFEMA events in 2024, it is important to consider aspects such as accommodation, transportation and ticket purchases. IFEMA provides useful information and options to facilitate these processes for its visitors.

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