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FYCMA: All Events and Congresses in Malaga 2024

Events and Congresses in Malaga
Events and Congresses in Malaga

This 2024, all business tourism paths converge at the FYCMA Trade Fair and Congress Center of Malaga, a vibrant epicenter of knowledge and professional connections. Our city will dress up to host a range of events in Malaga that will undoubtedly mark a before and after in different sectors. From innovative fairs and exhibitions, to congresses in Malaga with themes that shape the future of various industries, FYCMA is once again positioned as the convention center of reference at national and international level.


  • Discover the diversity of events that will take place at FYCMA, from technology to sustainability.
  • Recognize the importance of business tourism and the economic impact it brings to the city of Malaga.
  • Take advantage of networking opportunities in a professional and dynamic environment.
  • Learn why FYCMA is the place of choice for major business events.
  • Get ready to be part of fairs and exhibitions that innovate and set trends on the international scene.
  • Learn how promotional items can be crucial for exhibitors and their brand.

Introduction to the FYCMA Trade Fair and Congress Center of Malaga

Since its inauguration in 2003, the FYCMA has played a crucial role in the organization of events of all kinds, establishing itself as one of the nerve centers for business events in Malaga. Its functional design favors the confluence of professionals and companies, both national and international.

What is the FYCMA?

Located in the district of Cruz de Humilladero, the FYCMA Palacio de Ferias y Congresos is a modern structure that offers a wide variety of spaces such as pavilions, auditoriums and multifunctional rooms. This versatility makes it possible to host congresses, fairs, exhibitions and meetings, thus promoting business tourism and the exchange of knowledge.

The importance of business events in Malaga

Business events play a vital role in boosting the local economy, fostering the creation of strategic alliances and opening doors to new business opportunities. Malaga is positioned as a preferential destination for hosting relevant events that drive key sectors in the region.

Malaga as a destination for events and congresses
Malaga as a destination for events and congresses

The economic impact of congresses and trade fairs

The congresses and fairs held at the FYCMA generate a significant economic impact, boosting the development and positioning of Malaga as a focus of attraction for international investors and businessmen. The diversity of themes of the events scheduled until July 2024 confirms that Malaga is an epicenter of innovation and progress.

Outstanding events and congresses scheduled for 2024

The Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Málaga - FYCMA, is pleased to present an outstanding offer of exhibitions in Malaga, with a program that promises to transform the panorama of technological events, medical congresses and professional fairs. Our venue is positioned as the core of sporting events in Malaga and a pillar of business tourism, hosting meetings of international relevance.

H&T 2024 Exhibition

Our renowned H&T event will focus on the latest innovations in hospitality and tourism.

Expert Minds Paz Padilla 2024

Beloved comedian and presenter Paz Padilla will return to FYCMA with her inspiring Expert Minds.

SOCE Malaga 2024

The Society of Clinical Oncology of Spain chooses Malaga to bring together the leading experts in the field.

SEME and SERECAP 2024 Congress

We will host the most prestigious professionals in the medical-aesthetic sector and cardio pulmonary rehabilitation.

Continuing with our series of outstanding events:

  • XX Jornadas del Transporte de Viajeros and IV Jornadas Andaluzas APETAM-FEDINTRA.
  • IMFE Employment Fair of the Malaga City Council, an essential meeting point for companies and job seekers.
  • Transfiere 2024, the Innovation and Knowledge Forum specialized in technology and business transfer.

In addition, business tourism finds an unparalleled boost with the upcoming calendar of events, highlighting:

Sports-Technological EventMedical CongressesCultural and Design Meetings
HYROX Malaga 2024XXVII Congress of the Spanish Society of NeurosurgeryDesign Week Malaga
AI TECH SUMMIT 202438th National Congress of the Spanish Society of Spine GEERCM Malaga 2024
Padel World SummitXVII Spanish and VII Iberoamerican Congress on Environmental Health - SESA Congress 2024Seatrade Cruise Med
------Greencities & S-Moving, Urban Intelligence and Smart Mobility

In definition, FYCMA promises to be the place where professionals from all industries can share knowledge, innovate and expand their business horizons in the vibrant context of Malaga.

Events at FYCMA Malaga in 2024
Events at FYCMA Malaga in 2024

Tips for exhibiting companies

Participating as an exhibiting company in events is a unique opportunity for branding and lead generation. A strategic approach to event marketing is essential to maximize the visibility and impact of your presence. Here are some valuable tips to make your participation a resounding success.

Stand out at your event with the perfect giveaway!

Promotional items serve as a powerful brand awareness tool. Select items that are not only attractive and useful, but also reflect your company's values and personality. It is important that these gifts have a strong link to your product or service to strengthen the emotional connection with attendees.

Maximize Attraction at your Stand: Discover the Key to Success at FYCMA in Malaga

For exhibitors at the Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Málaga (FYCMA), standing out at the event is not only a goal, it's a necessity. In a space where innovation and creativity converge, making your brand stand out and effectively capture the attention of attendees can be the determining factor for success. How to achieve this? Through two key strategies: impactful giveaways and the unique customization of your booth.

Stand out at events with promotional giveaways and customized booths to maximize visibility and lead generation.

Giveaways: Your Gateway to Effective Lead Generation

Promotional gifts are much more than just giveaways; they are powerful marketing tools that, when used correctly, can increase your brand's visibility and improve lead acquisition significantly. This is where RegaloEmpresas becomes your best ally. With a wide selection of customizable products, from eco-friendly items to technological gadgets, RegaloEmpresas lets you:

Stand out from the crowd: Offer your potential customers a gift that is not only useful and attractive, but also tells the story of your brand in a memorable way.

Generate a lasting memory: A well-chosen giveaway ensures that your brand stays in the minds of attendees long after the event is over.

Booth Customization: Creating an Inescapable Point of Interest

Customizing your FYCMA space should not be taken lightly. A booth that reflects your brand identity while delivering an engaging and immersive experience is essential to capturing the interest of visitors. This involves:

Creative and Brand-Aligned Design: From spatial layout to visual elements, every detail should be an extension of your brand.

Interactivity and Experience: Incorporate interactive elements that invite attendees to engage and connect with your brand in a meaningful way.

Maximize success at FYCMA with RegaloEmpresas: attractive booth and strategic promotional gifts to stand out and connect with the public.

With RegaloEmpresas, you have the perfect partner to ensure that every aspect of your FYCMA presence is unforgettable. Customize your promotional gifts to resonate with your target audience and leverage their expertise to design a booth that not only attracts visitors, but also converts them into valuable leads.

The combination of strategically selected promotional items and a customized and attractive booth is a proven formula for success at the FYCMA in Malaga. RegaloEmpresas is here to make sure you make the most of these strategies, elevating your brand above the competition and forging lasting connections with your audience. Make every interaction count and turn interest into action with gifts and experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Ideas for capturing leads during the event

Lead acquisition is a primary objective at any event. An effective strategy includes a combination of interactive and digital activities that invite participation. Consider implementing sweepstakes, live demos and experiential spaces to collect contact data and start building a relationship with your prospects.

Mold your brand perception and tailor it to your audience.

For exhibiting companies, it is crucial to tailor the brand message to the target audience of the event. Make sure your booth and communication materials are consistent with your corporate image and are attractive to visitors. Innovative design and relevant content are essential to capture attention and enhance branding.

Marketing StrategyDescriptionBenefits
Promotional GiftCorporate gifts that create a lasting impression.Reinforces brand recall and loyalty.
Lead captureActivities that allow collecting valuable information from attendees.Generation of a database for future marketing actions.
Branding tailored to the audienceCommunication and booth design that will resonate with the audience.Greater identification and emotional connection with the brand.

FYCMA Location: How to get there, where to stay and where to eat.

We understand that an integral part of your experience at FYCMA events is the comfort and ease of getting to and staying during your visit to Malaga. Therefore, we have prepared a guide to help you find your way around and make the most of your time in this dynamic Andalusian city.

How to get to the FYCMA from the airport

Getting to the FYCMA from Malaga airport is easy thanks to the efficiency of the public transportation network. You have at your disposal options such as the C1 commuter train, which connects directly to the 'Palacio de Ferias' station, or bus services that ensure your transfer comfortably. Our advice is to plan your trip in advance to ensure a punctual and stress-free arrival to any event.

Malaga, capital of business and tourism
Malaga, capital of business and tourism

Means of transport by which you can reach the FYCMA

In addition to the train and buses, you can opt for cabs or the car-sharing service available in the city. Each of these means of transport offers different advantages, and you can choose the one that best suits your needs and budget. In addition, if you prefer to drive, the FYCMA has ample parking.

Where to stay near the FYCMA?

As far as accommodation in Malaga is concerned, there is a wide range of accommodation available, from four and five star hotels to more affordable hostels. We recommend you to book in advance to ensure a stay near the Trade Fair and Congress Center and enjoy the convenience of having your event within walking distance.

Discover the typical food of Malaga in these restaurants near the FYCMA

Finally, you cannot miss the opportunity to taste the typical Malaga food in the restaurants near the FYCMA. This trip is also an opportunity to explore tourism in Malaga and immerse yourself in its culinary culture, which is as rich as its history. We suggest you explore the local eateries that serve everything from fried fish to inland dishes washed down with wines from the province.


What is the FYCMA Trade Fair and Congress Center of Malaga?

The FYCMA Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Málaga is a modern, state-of-the-art convention center, which since its inauguration in 2003, has established itself as an ideal venue for a wide variety of business, cultural, technological and congress events in Malaga. Its state-of-the-art infrastructure positions it as a strategic destination for business tourism and trade fairs and exhibitions.

What is the importance of business events in Malaga?

Business events in Malaga are crucial for the promotion of business tourism and for the economic and cultural development of the region. These events attract professionals and companies from various sectors, fostering innovation, knowledge sharing and the generation of business opportunities, which has a positive impact on the local economy.

What is the economic impact of congresses and trade fairs in Malaga?

Congresses and fairs generate a significant economic impact in Malaga by attracting numerous national and international visitors, which translates into an increase in hotel occupancy, catering services and other commercial activities. They also strengthen the city's image as a business and knowledge center, boosting the local and regional economy.

What major events and congresses are scheduled for 2024 at the FYCMA?

The FYCMA's calendar of events for 2024 includes an agenda loaded with important events such as the H&T Show, with the latest in hospitality, Transfiere 2024, focused on technology transfer, the AI TECH SUMMIT 2024, leading conversations on artificial intelligence, the HYROX Málaga 2024, which unites sport and wellness, as well as relevant medical-health congresses and cultural events such as TEDxMálaga and CM Málaga, which promote dialogue and creativity. In addition, there will be technical and professional events such as Design Week Malaga and the Digital Enterprise Show 2024.

How can exhibiting companies take advantage of their participation in FYCMA events?

Exhibiting companies can maximize their participation in FYCMA events by using effective marketing strategies such as giveaways to leave a lasting impression, implementing innovative methods for lead capture and designing brand presentations that connect with their target audience, with clear messaging and attractive visual design that strengthens their corporate image and brand perception.

How to get to the FYCMA from the airport and what means of transportation are available?

To get to the FYCMA from Malaga airport, attendees can opt for cab service, car rental or use public transportation, such as buses and trains, which offer direct and efficient connections. This transportation network facilitates quick and convenient access to the venue from various points in and around the city.

What accommodation options are there near the FYCMA and where can I enjoy typical Malaga food?

Near the FYCMA, visitors will find a wide range of accommodation options including luxury hotels and more economical lodgings. In addition, the gastronomic offer is varied and rich, encouraging visitors to explore local restaurants to taste authentic Malaga food and live a culinary experience that complements their stay in the city.

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