Customised T-shirts with logo: the best way to promote your brand

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Do you know about a more practical corporate gift than a branded T-shirt? For us, a shirt is a sure hit. Take the test and look in your closet. We've got you, huh? Imagine one of our promotional T-shirts as a blank canvas where we will incorporate the design you have in mind to surprise your customers. Which one do you prefer?

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Personalized Advertising T-Shirts: Your Brand, Your Passion

Feel the excitement of seeing your brand come to life! With our Custom T-Shirts with Your Logo, we help you connect emotionally with your audience at every event. Inexpensive, yes, but brimming with quality and character, each T-shirt is a promise of durability and style.

Design that speaks for you: Your brand is unique, and your T-shirts should be too. Customize every detail, from the logo to the colors that define your company. Our team of designers is here to translate your dreams into reality, ensuring that each T-shirt is a true reflection of your values and vision.

Affordable, so you don't have to worry about cost: We understand the importance of a tight budget. That's why our prices are designed to take care of your economy without sacrificing quality. And remember, the more you buy, the more you save with our volume discounts.

Fast and friendly service: We value your time as much as you do. Our ordering process is easy and friendly, designed to free you from hassle and give you more room for what really matters. We're here to support you, from design choice to delivery to your door.

Confidence you can feel: Thousands of customers have trusted us over the years, and every testimonial is a success story we celebrate. Join our community and feel the confidence of working with experts who truly care about your visual impact.

Choose to connect, excite and succeed. Choose for your Custom T-Shirts. Start today and take every event to a new emotional and visual level.


Custom logo t-shirts are a powerful and versatile marketing tool to promote your company or event. In this article, you'll learn everything you need to know about how to customise logo T-shirts, the materials available, printing techniques and how to make an eco-friendly choice.

Why give promotional t-shirts as a gift?

Promotional T-shirts are an effective way to raise awareness of your brand, as the person wearing them becomes a walking advertisement. It is also a cost-effective way to promote your business and strengthen your brand identity.

How do you customise promotional T-shirts?


The process of customising T-shirts involves selecting the logo design, choosing the type of T-shirt, deciding on the material and selecting the printing technique. Let's see more details about each step:

Materials of the T-shirts

Custom T-shirts can be made of different materials such as cotton, polyester or a mix of both. Cotton is soft, breathable and easy to print on, while polyester is durable, quick-drying and retains colours well. A blend of cotton and polyester combines the best characteristics of both materials.

Statistics and success stories

Custom logo t-shirts can generate a significant return on investment for your company. According to studies, 85% of people who receive a personalised T-shirt remember the brand, and 47% of users keep them for more than a year. Several companies have experienced an increase in brand awareness and sales after investing in personalised T-shirts, such as company X, which increased its sales by 20% after launching a promotional T-shirt campaign.

Printing techniques


There are various printing techniques for customising T-shirts with logos, such as screen printing, transfer printing, digital printing and embroidery. Each technique has its advantages and disadvantages, so it is essential to choose the most suitable one for your project and budget.

The eco-friendly option for your t-shirts with screen printing

When choosing custom t-shirts, it's important to consider eco-friendly options to reduce your environmental impact. You can opt for t-shirts made from organic cotton, water-based inks or companies that follow sustainable practices in their production process.

In RegaloEmpresas we have a bunch of promotional T-shirts that you can personalize with the logo of your brand. Choose between more than 50 models available to customise.

The promotional T-shirts are an excellent option as a promotional product. Imagine all the places your brand can reach, being in the chest or in the back of your customers.

We provide you with quality T-shirts at the most flexible and economical prices, so that you can print all you need for your advertising campaigns.

We know how important is to give to your clients an original and functional gift, and T-shirts are an excellent choice for a marketing action.

Personalized T-shirts with your logo

Print your logo in personalized T-shirts and be part of your customers day-to-day.

Remember that you can reach hundreds or thousands of potential customers by including this branded T-shirt strategy in your advertising campaigns.

In RegaloEmpresas we help you in making of your campaigns a huge success. We can print your logo or slogan by using different techniques, granting you an good result.

We can make your promotional T-shirts the best visual tool for your image: if your customers like it, they will wear it always! What means that is an effective advertising for your company.

Types of branded T-shirts

Choose the type of branded T-shirt that better suits the profile of your usual buyer. Pick the T-shirts by gender, age, size or corporate colors; we have more than a rainbow at your disposal.

Polo T-Shirt
It is the ideal T-shirt for your company to be used as a uniform or as a higher quality and elegant promotional merchandise.

Long Sleeve Polo T-Shirt
It is the complete T-shirt for winter uniforms, for summer sun protection if exposed long hours or for corporate gifts with a touch of sophistication. If you want to stand out and stay in your customer’s mind, this is the flawless gift.

Cool Fit Shirt
If your brand is sporty or its values are fresher and more lighthearted, this type of shirt will be perfect for your advertising campaigns.

T-shirt with round neck
It is a perfect promotional T-shirt for any marketing actions, versatile and classical any person can wear it. Also, these are cheap T-shirts that can match with any occasion.

Long sleeves T-shirt with round neck
As already mentioned, these are the right ones for cold weather and your logo will be noticed even in cold times.

Shirts with V neck
Wear your logo in stylized and sophisticated shirts; they are excellent for elegant brands that wish to make a young advertising campaign.

Shirts without sleeves
These are the definite promotional T-shirts for young brands, because of its design they represent an infallible deal for daring and defiant brands.

Slim T-shirt
It is a T-shirt that will make all those young female customers fall in love. Its charming design is a peerless option for brands and advertising aimed at young women.

We have more than 50 shirts models, find them all here.

Cheap and high quality promotional T-shirts

In RegaloEmpresas we take care of delivering the promotional T-shirts exactly how you require.

Printed with quality, adapted to the designs that you want, with the most attractive and shining colors and with soft and resistant fabrics, so that your expense becomes an investment.

Frequently asked questions about personalized fans

Screen printing is the most popular and cost-effective technique for large quantities, while digital printing is ideal for detailed designs and small orders. Embroidery is perfect for durable, high quality logos.

Production time varies depending on the printing technique and quantity of t-shirts, but generally ranges from 1 to 2 weeks.

Yes, you can mix different sizes and colours of T-shirts in one order, as long as the logo design and printing technique are the same. In short, custom logo t-shirts are an effective way to promote your brand and connect with your audience. Don't forget to consider eco-friendly options and choose the right printing technique for your project.

You can personalise the t-shirts with your brand logo. At RegaloEmpresas, we print your logo and slogan using different techniques, the most popular being screen printing.

We offer more than 50 models of T-shirts for advertising.

In RegaloEmpresas we deliver the advertising t-shirts anywhere in Europe.

Nos T-shirts sont de grande qualité, avec des motifs à votre goût, des couleurs vives et des tissus doux et résistants.

Yes, we offer different models for men and women.