Branded car sun shades

A car sun shade as an promotional product is a great idea.

Keep your customers' cars cooler during the sweltering summer with a car sunshade personalised with your logo. Promotional windscreen car sun shades are a practical item for the hottest summer days. Take advantage of this to customize them with your brand logo and make sure your hands don't stick to the steering wheel.

Our customers' favourite car sunshade

Personalised car sunshade

Our customised Veram car sunshade is one of the chosen ones. Its eco-friendly cardboard, UV protection and customisation possibilities make it a safe choice.

It folds completely flat for maximum convenience.

High definition photographic printing.

Quality eco-friendly cardboard.

Made in Europe.

Discover the Veram car sunshade

★★★★★ "The car sunshade is better than I expected. The print looks great and it is very comfortable to store folded inside the car."

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Car sunshades branded with your logo

A car sun shade, a simple car sun shade. And it makes me feel nostalgic. It reminds me of those moments in which you have spent 8 hours in the beach, you parked the car down in the sun and feels like you are entering hell to go back home. A car sun shade was the typical gift from your bank. Today the bank no longer gives out any mortgages. Ha ha ha.

We're not going to be able to tell much about this item. They didn't even deserve an article on Wikipedia. There's no story, no legends or anything interesting about the car's sun shade. And we think it's a shame, because it is very usefull during the summer.

Let's see where we get information to write this text. Uuuum. It is not easy. Let's just focus on the types of car sun shades out there. If you're going to take a look at our car sunshades section; that is, right where you are right now, you'll find: folding car sun shades, cardboard car windscreen sunshades, aluminum car sunshades and some other models.

Its usefulness is unqueistionable. They will prevent the police from finding your fingerprints on the steering wheel, they will make sure the car is not a pressure cooker when you leave it under the sun.

However, if you have any ideas in mind and none of these car sunshades satisfy you, we can design them to your taste.

Personalised car sun shades for those who want to keep their fingertips in August

Now you've got a treat in store, we remind you that the car sun shades are personalizable like the rest of our items. And we should be grateful, because they're a promotional item with a huge branding area. What does that mean? That, apart from saving your customers' lives, your brand will be exposed like a billboard in the suburbs. Besides, it's not a short-lived item. Its durability is superior to that of the bunny drum batteries. They last, last and last. From year to year, your brand is visible on the windscreen of hundreds or thousands of cars.

The cost of the cars' sun sunshades is affordable and the visibility of your brand will be fantastic. It's a good business.

This summer you'll stop driving around looking for a shady spot for your car. I am the King of the Parking.

Frequently Asked Questions about our customised promotional sunshades

The most common is the promotional car sunshade for the front window, but there are also car side window sunshades to shade the interior and steering wheel sunshades to prevent the steering wheel from heating up so that it cannot even be touched. The car sunshades are made of aluminium or folding cardboard.

Using a car sun shade is very simple. First you need to take out the rubber bands that keep it rolled up so you can unfold it. Once the car sunshade is open, it is placed on the inside of the front window of the car. Some types of sunshades have suction cups that allow them to be attached to the glass so that they do not fall out. They can also be attached to the visors at the top of the car and even by holding the sun visor rubber to the windows.

Yes, the main purpose of a car sun shade is to protect against the sun's UV radiation. Without a sun shade, the dashboard heats up and retains heat, thus acting as a radiator and causing the temperature inside the vehicle to rise to unbearable levels in summer.

All our promotional car sunshades can be customised with a logo with a very large print area, making it easy for your brand to be easily recognised when enjoying great exposure. Many of our sunshade models also allow you to personalize the entire surface of the sunshade, which is a great advantage when it comes to creating an eye-catching design that will make your brand known.

The aluminium car sunshades can be rolled up and secured with a rubber band. This format allows it to be stored in the car taking up very little space. In addition, the cardboard sunshade models take up little more than a book when folded, making them an ideal size to store in the glove compartment of the car or in the side compartments of the doors.

Yes, personalised car sun shades are highly effective as a marketing tool. They provide constant visibility for your brand, as every time the customer uses the sun shade, they are promoting your company. Moreover, as a practical and useful item, it increases the likelihood that it will be used on a regular basis.

Customisations can vary depending on the model of the sun shade, but in general, you can add your company logo, a personalised message, choose your corporate colours and even a unique design. At RegaloEmpresas, we work with you to ensure that your personalised car sun shade accurately reflects your brand and message.

The personalisation and delivery time can vary depending on the type of car sun shade and the amount of personalisation required. However, at RegaloEmpresas, we strive to provide a fast and efficient service to ensure you receive your personalised car sun shades on time.

The minimum order quantity may vary depending on the sun shade model. We recommend that you contact us for more precise information about the minimum order quantities for each sun shade model.

Yes, in RegaloEmpresas we understand the importance of seeing and feeling the product before placing a large order. For this reason, we offer the option to order a sample of a personalised car sun shade. However, there may be a small fee associated with the sample, depending on the model and customisation required.