Branded coffee mugs

Promotional coffee mugs, your brand in the morning coffee

The promotional mugs can make your brand is seen the first thing in your morning when a having a coffee, have you thought about it like that? Even if it’s a very basic item, the branded coffee mugs can keep their magic. While is very usual to see promotional mugs inside of a company, is not very usual to give one advertising mug as a gift, and actually they are pretty and effective as an advertising formula.

Think about it. If your clients or prospective clients like the coffee mug you’re giving them, they will drink their coffee every morning in it, which it will place you in their top of mind every day, subtly. It may sound evil, but actually it’s great.

Personalized mugs with your logo, your brand in the morning coffee

A promo is not seen as such, when you offer a value and a utility to a customer, in this case, a mug will be useful to drink whatever she or he pleases.

And if we think it through, it’s a both win-win situation, your customer has received a nice and usable item, while you can take your brand to your client’s kitchen. Don’t forget that the coffee mugs are one of the most succesful corporate gifts.

Remember that many of the best ideas have blossomed in the table while somebody is eating or taking a cup of tea or coffee and that could possibly be the mug of your company.

The promotional mugs can be customized completely with the image of your brand; do not take lightly the great power that these have as a media.

Why should I give promotional mugs with the logo of my company?

Have you thought on how many coffees you have shared at home or at work with your friends and colleagues? Now imagine doing it with your own branded mug. There will always be someone curious about what that logo is about and will like to know more.

The promotional mugs are still a trend within branding and merchandising world, because they are a useful item on our day-to-day lifestyle.

Remember that the main purpose of marketing is to build feelings and emotions, to make your clients involved with your brand.

How would you like to impact them? In this case, a personalized mug can say more than a thousand booklets. How you decide to personalize your promotional mug will affect on how you wish your clients remember your brand.

Types of personalized mugs

The possibilities are almost infinite, in RegaloEmpresas, we count about 100 different models of mugs that are waiting to be personalized with your logo and slogan.

Bare in mind a mug doesn’t have to be boring or conventional, even the most luxurious brands have used them as a promotional merchandise.

We place at your disposal a wide range of mugs and multiple printing techniques to combine: ceramics mugs, original chalk mugs, thermo mugs, metalized mugs, set of mugs, mugs with spoon.

Why don’t you come by and see all our promotional mugs models? Be our guest!