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We're going on a field trip with the Ursuline Sisters. Don't forget to take your promotional thermal bottle full of freshly brewed coffee or a good swig. We have quality stainless steel thermal flasks that will keep your precious liquids at the ideal temperature and we customize it with your logo!

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There is no other drink in the world that is consumed more than coffee, after water, of course. It's very rare to find a person who doesn't drink coffee, and it's very common to see people who need at least a couple of cups a day.

With this in mind, don't you think coffee lovers are an excellent niche for people to receive your promotional products? In this text I'm going to give you a great idea to give to your customers with the aim of advertising your company and remain in their memory every time they use it.

I, who usually travel by public transport, have been struck by the sight of people carrying a thermal flask with coffee. I'm not sure if they haven't had time to drink their coffee at home, if they bring enough coffee to invite all their co-workers or if their dose is close to a liter a day. The fact is that there are people who remove the stopper from the thermal flask and take advantage of it to drink a cup of hot coffee anywhere.

Considering the number of people who drink coffee and are very fond of it, don't doubt that a promotional thermal bottle personalized with your logo is a fantastic and very effective promotional item.

Thermal coffee bottles as a promotional gift to boost your brand

The thermal flasks are metallic, and more specifically they are made of stainless steel. Something logical knowing that they have been manufactured to maintain the temperature of a liquid for as long as possible. These branded thernal bottles have a glass on the top where we can pour hot coffee whenever we want.

Its possibilities of use are very wide, because we can use it on the way to work, in the office, on a day at the beach, in the mountains for camping or picnicking, travelling by car or train. As you can see, it is an object with many possibilities, and if we decide to turn it into a promotional merchandise we are going to take advantage of all its advantages by multiplying the visibility of our brand with each use, and this is not just a weak product, the thermal coffee flasks are very durable... Don't you think this is a fantastic promotional gift?

Personalize a thermal bottle to promote your brand

It's time to give your personal touch to the thermal flask by personalizing it with the design you've imagined.

Until not long ago, the printing area of these thermal flasks was limited to a vertical zone due to the characteristics of the object. Sometimes we have seen that this printing surface was not enough and there have been customers who have rejected your purchase because of the inability to print your logo or design accurately. But now that's changed. The techniques for printing on corporate gifts have improved so much that we now have much larger printing areas available on the promotional thermal bottles. Therefore, be sure that any logo you want to print on a thermal flask, we will be able to make it a reality.

Send us your logo and we will design the best composition for you free of charge in a personalised thermal flask so that you can check how your precious promotional product will look before you order it from us.

You will be satisfied, we guarantee it!