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Be the boss giving a promotional cutter personalized with your logo

How many times have you missed having a cutter close to open a box? Feel like that handy operating room nurse who hands the scalpel to the surgeon by giving your clients a personalised cutter with your brand, and let them have it just when they need it most! Cutters are a promotional product to be considered.

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The usefulness of a personalised cutter

We mentioned it above: Have you ever missed a cutter to open the box of an order you have just received? You were so excited to discover that you did have a cutter just when you needed one.

Today we are continuously receiving online shopping packages. We open many boxes at the end of the year and we can see that the cutter is like the key that opens them. And it's not just a box cutter that's gonna help you open the box. Sometimes inside the packages we have the product we have bought in a bombproof plastic blister pack that only Edward Scissorhands blades seem to be able to open.

You can make your customers happy by giving away promotional cutters marked with your logo. I assure you it's going to be a tool they won't forget in a drawer. Your money dedicated to promotional merchandising for your company very well invested.

A cutter as a useful and cheap corporate gift

For a few tens of cents you can have an branded cutter with your logo printed on it. Cutters are cheap, and this is a great advantage to get the most out of the budget you have allocated to your marketing campaign.

To give you an idea: With 100 euros you can buy between 100 and 150 custom cutters with your brand. And I'm talking about a model with good quality. If you have a higher budget, you can get even cheaper unit prices. We will always offer you the best conditions according to your needs.

What promotional cutter models are available?

In the catalogue of printed cutters, the most common model is the one you and I used in school, the manual cutter. To uncover the blade, push the mechanism forward with your thumb. After listening to one or two clicks, we will see the sharp knife stick out of the cutter ready to go into combat.

But as we are in the era of approvals, quality certifications and safety in the workplace, this article has not avoided the new safety regulations. As a result of these regulations, the self-retracting cutter was born, which has come to save us as one of Marvel's countless superheroes.

Its mechanism is identical to the manual cutter, we push with the thumb to remove the blade, but unlike the original model of cutter, we must keep the position of the mechanism with our finger, because as soon as we release the cutter the spring inside will make the blade retract automatically. So we don't run the risk of cutting ourselves when we pick up our cutter again and don't realize we've forgotten to hide the blade.

You know, a safe promotional product it's worth the price. A promotional cutter that, in addition to being extremely useful to your customers, takes care of them, will surely turn your merchandise campaign into a resounding success.

Finally, I would like to tell you that you also have small, economical cutters and metal cutters available that are more durable and that support the ever-elegant laser engraving.

Remember, if you can't find the cutter you have in mind, call us or write to us. I'm sure we can help you make your ideal promotional item a reality. We are an expert and reliable personalised gifts company.