External batteries and personalised power banks for mobile phones or tablets

Watching your phone's battery run down makes you feel more stressed than any Hitchcock movie. Fortunately, you have a Power bank in your pocket ready to save your day. We have many cheap models of printed portable chargers that you can personalise with your logo. Give them to your customers and let them stop feeling like they are living on the edge.

Personalised powerbanks are revolutionizing promotional gifts. If you think about it, your customers will love you if you give them a powerbank with your logo.

Known as powerbanks or external batteries for advertising, they are a great choice as promotional gifts for all types of companies. Especially if you want your users to relate your brand to gifts of value and utility, nothing better for them to see how cautious your brand is!

The external batteries are very popular lately, so you can recharge any mobile device with USB input.

Customized, promotional powerbanks that excite

In RegaloEnterprises we have seen the excellent results of our customers when giving away personalized powerbanks as part of their Branding strategies.

We have 50 different models of external batteries customizable with your logo, so you can find the one that best represents your brand values.

The external batteries for advertising are a new way to reach your customers and target audience, you can give them to your loyal audience or in trivia to gain followers. No doubt you will have an incredible response from your users, as practically everyone has mobile devices that could be recharged with their personalized powerbank with your logo.

Customized powerbanks or external batteries for youth and adults

If your brand is focused on young or old, this promotional gift is perfect for your advertising campaigns. Every young person and adult will appreciate and consider it a nice gesture from your company to receive an external battery, even if it has your logo on it. Remember that promotional gifts are rated by your customers as useful and of value or as junk advertising.

At RegaloEmpresas we support you so that your gifts are always in the first category, which also means that they would be used practically every day, can you imagine? They can take you to school, work, after-school classes, parties, field trips, vacations, and any other time they need to charge your device.

Your brand logo and slogan on a custom powerbank could be in hundreds of places in a year exposed to thousands of people.

Powerbanks or cheap external batteries

Although they are not the cheapest promotional gift, they are not the most expensive either, at RegaloEmpresas we have 50 different models in materials, design and quality, ranging from less than 3€. Would you like to see them?

You will find small and discreet external bar batteries, other flat and elongated, in a case, with indicator sensors, and many other models. The materials also vary, we have plastic, wood, aluminum, silicone coated and other material combinations.

Advantages of external powerbanks or batteries as promotional gifts

  • They are a distinguished and sophisticated promotional gift.
  • Customers will relate your brand to a gift of technological and therefore expensive use.
  • Your logo and slogan can be present in the daily life of your users and the people around them.
  • You can use the powerbanks in various advertising events or as souvenirs of an important private or corporate celebration.
  • Although they seem to be very expensive for a promotional gift, they are not, and they also help you to have a successful Branding campaign.