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Look for customers by making sure they don't lose their suitcase

We're going on a trip again! We prepare the suitcase with care, and as we have to check the luggage we are so foresighted that we use our promotional luggage tag to write our data and prevent it from being lost forever.

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Luggage labels to the rescue

It's not a myth. It's very easy to meet someone whose suitcase has been lost during an airplane trip. When we plan a trip and it's time to buy airline tickets, with every stopover the airline proposes, our bodies go through a shiver. We know that the risk of losing the suitcase in an airport connection is high, although it is also possible that someone else takes your suitcase by mistake from the baggage claim belt. What simple and economical gesture can you make to try to avoid this disaster? Place a luggage tag with your contact details hanging from your suitcase. This simple action can make the difference between recovering your lost suitcase or losing it forever.

With all the virtues that this small product has, a luggage tag as a corporate gift to promote your business or event is not bad at all, is it?

Personalized luggage tags to avoid losing customers

You already know: where there is a useful and cheap object, there is a probable promotional product. And to personalize with your logo a promotional luggage label to turn it into your ally like an effective promotional merchandise, is a fabulous idea for all type of companies or events.

At first it may seem that this is a perfect gift to promote travel agencies, airlines or cruise companies. But in all the years of life of RegaloEmpresas we have pleasantly seen how many companies of various kinds have successfully used branded luggage tags.

Banks and insurance companies that have wanted to promote incentive trips for their employees, event organizing agencies that have chosen a luggage tag as a gift for attendees to an event, hotels that opt for this article published as one of the welcome gifts for their guests, hairdressers that take advantage of the proximity of summer to have a timely detail with their customers.

I recommend that you take into account this product no matter how strange it seems to you in as a part of your promotions. Almost everyone loves to travel, so this is a great giveaway product claim that in addition to promoting your brand, who knows, maybe one day fulfills its role and avoids one of your beloved customers the unpleasant displeasure of losing a suitcase.

What printed luggage labels can I find in RegaloEmpresas?

We can make two distinctions between the luggage tags we offer you, the simple plastic products and the metallic models, which have a more attractive presence. The cheapest luggage tags all have a good printing surface to make your logo look perfect, and all of them are printed in tampon printing, the simplest printing technique, so your promotional item is very economical. Metal tags are ideal for laser engraving your logo, offering a premium look that you will love. Despite the difference in construction materials, any personalized gift based on a luggage tag is going to be a cheap promotional merchandise.

Of course all of them include a reserved area for your customers to write down their details, and also the essential element to ensure the identifier in the luggage.

Send us your logo and we'll prepare a free virtual mock-up with all the luggage labels you want. You'll fall in love!