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A personalized torch is an essential tool at home and at work, so it is a great promotional gift for your users, for your internal and external customers. We have many flashlights for you to choose the one that best fits your merchandising line.

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An branded torch is going to look great on you.

Here I continue to talk about the unusual effectiveness of tools in general as promotional products. Believe me, we have years of experience helping people like you who may need advice on how to spend their money on corporate gifts. But in these years we have also learned a lot from surprising advertising campaigns, with personalised items that we would never have imagined could be used as merchandise. The torches are one of them.

Let's not fool ourselves, the torches of a few years ago, the ones that worked with conventional light bulbs were a real nuisance. Yes, they were doing their job to perfection. We had really powerful torches at our disposal, but do you remember what batteries powered them? I think those batteries were so heavy that they could move a current electric car many miles. Also, it was frustrating to see the light from these flashlights slowly fading, turning yellow and dying into a red dwarf, like a star. Luckily they didn't end up exploding in Supernova.

But this happened before, before the arrival of the technology that has changed everything. Before the LED era came.

Promotional torches as company gifts, led lights guide your merchandise activities

Since the popularization of LED technology a few years ago, the world of lighting has changed completely. The hot and inefficient incandescent and fluorescent bulbs were losing ground in the market. The performance of a LED bulb is much higher than conventional bulbs, and generate less waste, so with a steady pace have been moving forward in shops, home and street lighting to become essential.

As far as the promotional gift is concerned, the appearance of the LEDs has meant that the promotional torches have become objects to be taken into account for our promotions. The torches now need less capacity batteries to have much more autonomy. All this translates into much more diverse promotional torches models, from simple key chains torches, dynamo torches and exclusive aluminium torches with top presentations if you want to make a premium promotional gift.

What types of personalized torches can I choose from?

You have all kinds of flashlights, you won't get bored looking for them. We have torches key chains or key chains with light, solar torches, promotional dynamo torches, headlamps to put on the head, vertical torches to light up rooms or use as a table light, cheap torches to print your logo and make 1,000 units at low prices, aluminum torches presented in perfect cases for laser engraving... And every year debut more and more news. All thanks to the versatility of LED flashlights.

We have lots of colors and price ranges for all pockets, all our personalised torches can be branded with your logo.

Trust us for your promotional merchandise campaigns. Let us enlighten you by recommending a brilliant corporate gift.